Oregon Shooting Hoax: Chris Harper-Mercer’s Fake Manifesto Exposed (Redsilverj)

by Scott Creighton (video from Redsilverj)


Yes, these are all about passing laws (like the Elliot Rogers Bill) which allow law enforcement to deny individuals their constitutional rights based on someone’s assessment of their personal beliefs. They can claim you display certain tendencies online or through emails which make you more prone to committing a mass shooting or some other pre-crime event and remove weapons from your household before you do a thing. You don’t have to be convicted of a felony. You don’t have to be diagnosed by a psychological health professional. What they want is to be able to have the ISPs or other Big Business entities collect your data, review it via their own systems and then make a determination as to your POTENTIAL for causing trouble.

And look, it won’t stop with simply taking your second amendment rights away. You could be detained without just cause or denied social services. There are any number of potentially devastating results that will be implemented via a slow creep toward fascism. Removing someone’s right to bare arms is just the beginning.

And the start of all of this, is of course, the mental hygiene laws being pushed by the likes of Billionaire Bloomberg. That’s why the “manifestos” of these patsies are so important. Any fool with half a brain should be able to understand that a electronic file could have been written by anyone. No handwriting to compare. No signature. Yet, here we are, accepting these ridiculous “confessions” as legitimate. Of course they aren’t.

UPDATE: Wanna see some horrible crisis acting? Watch this

The Bullshit Story of Chris Mintz, the Umpqua Hoax “Hero”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yes, the supposed shooter is now reported to have taken his own life after a brief shootout with local cops at UCC. But did you guys hear the flack jacket he has was found lying next to the “long gun” that he never used which were both some distance from the patsy shooter? Is there confirmation of this? If so, this is the most obviously staged dead patsy scene since Webster New York.


Let’s all keep in mind Chris Mintz signed up for classes at UCC in the week prior to this mass casualty event and is former military. According to reports, the guy had been working at Walmart as a security guard for a while before returning to school. Now he’s got 800 grand in a GoFundMe account and a room full of presents sent to him for being such a “hero”

As we are being told over and over again to “forget the zero and remember the hero”, Chris Mintz is busy wheeling himself around the hospital, checking in on his big room full of gift loot sent to him by simpltons from across the country.

Supposedly shot 7 times for “protecting” others in a room in UCC, he’s now posing for smirky-face pics taken by his “friend” who is supposedly going to be acting as his PR “adviser“.


Oh it’s a party over in his hospital room. Make no mistake about that.

Why shouldn’t they party? He’s already got close to $800,000 donated to a GoFundMe website for all that rehab therapy he’s gonna need (and his new house, his new car, his girlfriend’s new car…)

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Oregon Shooter “Committed Suicide”

by Scott Creighton

How many of these gun-grabbing mass casualty events ended with the suspect patsy “committing suicide” someplace far away from public view during the big shoot-out with law enforcement? It’s a pretty high percentage, isn’t it?

Well, law enforcement in Oregon is saying that is exactly what happened to Christopher Harper-Mercer, the patsy in Thursday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Christopher Harper-Mercer, the gunman in Thursday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, died by suicide, local law enforcement officials announced on Saturday.

The suicide occurred during a firefight with law enforcement officers, who had arrived to disarm him, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said at a press conference on Saturday. Huffington Post

Not only did the crazed gunman decide to take his own life before the cops could, he did it less than 10 minutes after the first 911 call came in and about 4 minutes after the first cops showed up on the scene.

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The Umpqua Bullshit Distraction

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Strong support for guns in town shocked by college shooting (H/T Tom)

UPDATE: Oregon Sheriff Handling Massacre Fought the White House on Gun Control After Newtown


It’s a cookie-cutter formula these days, isn’t it?

Somewhere far off in a state with very lax gun control laws, a guy with no motive and just enough of an internet footprint to serve the narrative suddenly “goes off” with tactical gear carrying multiple guns in some community building somewhere near the woods.

Don’t forget the religious persecution. Gotta have some of that.



He’s shot “by law enforcement” and never gets a day in court.

They “discover” his manifesto somewhere.

Enter the new “hero” story to put a human touch on the whole thing.

Parades of pictures of young white people running around all terrified.

And now, the moneyshot:

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John McCain Cries About His CIA Terrorist Assets in Syria on CNN and suddenly …. POOF… a Mass Casualty Event in Oregon

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:The Umpqua Bullshit Distraction


Yes, John McCain, a man known for taking pictures with FSA terrorists in Syria (and neo-Nazis in Ukraine), went on CNN and cried and moaned about big bad Russia blowing up his mercenary friends outside of Homs. It seems Russia and the rest of civilized society are sick and tired of sitting back and doing nothing while the ghoul running the CIA continues using terrorists for his regime change operations.

“Their initial strikes were against the individuals and the groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA, in a credible flaunting of any kind of cooperation or effort to conceal what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s priority is — and that is, of course, to prop up (Syrian President) Bashar Assad. [I] can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our Free Syrian Army, or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA, because we have communications with people there.” John McCain

This little outburst of John’s has created a bit of a problem for the administration. You see, not only does Obama not have an authorization to use military forces against “ISIS” in Syria, but he doesn’t have congressional approval for letting John Brennan of the CIA run a dirty covert war in the country with a bunch of hired Wahhabist mercenaries.

Do you remember that 500 million dollars congress gave President Peace Prize to fight “ISIS” not that long ago? Remember them saying they only trained about 70 or so guys with it and have only about 4 or 5 left? Would it make more sense now that you know we paid a bunch of mercenaries with that money, the same mercs who are being bombed by Russia?

So they have no authorization to be in country bombing anyone. They have no congressional authorization for the use of military force against “ISIS” or Assad. And apparently now that John has opened his big mouth, we now know we spent half a billion dollars paying terrorist mercenaries of the worst sort to unseat an elected government in a sovereign nation.

Anyway you look at it, this is bad press for President Peace Prize.

So while this story is unfolding and the Twitter ops can barely keep up with the influence peddling they get paid for… suddenly, there is yet another mass casualty event in YET ANOTHER state with rather lax gun laws.


In the “you’ve got to be shitting me” category, there has suddenly been another suspicious “active shooter” event that took place in some little community college in Oregon just now and as you can see, it’s all the rage on the left-cover news websites.

Not only do we have this event, but that little storm down southeast of Florida that no one really gave a crap about except some desperate weathermen looking for a raise has just been “upgraded” to a Cat 4 hurricane and everyone is saying it’s bound to hit Jersey.

It’s almost as if they had to cover their distraction bases on both sides of the nation, right?

I can almost hear the conversation this morning with the president’s Chief of Staff and his aids:

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