Trey Scott Atwater Released – 5 Pounds of C-4 in His Carry On Bag

by Scott Creighton

1.25 pounds

Staff Sgt. Trey Scott Atwater, demolitions expert, unconventional warfare specialist, and member of the 7th Special Forces Group (Task Force 373), was quietly released from custody this past Friday after attempting to board an American Eagle flight with two 2.5 lb bricks of C-4 in his carry on bag on New Year’s Eve.

After doing a little research I found that the “military grade wrapping” probably reflects that these were M1112 demolitions charges or larger ones that are 11 inches long and 2 inches wide and up to 3 inches thick (1.5 inches thick per 1.25 pound block)… each. How is it possible that someone misses that much high explosive material… in their carry on bag? How is it possible that he didn’t check that bag after being detained in North Carolina on Christmas Eve? How is it possible that TSA agents missed two large blocks marked as M1112 demolitions charges in such a small main compartment of his bag after finding a much smaller smoke grenade in there?

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Trey Scott Atwater – 7th Special Forces Group, El Salvadorian Death Squads, and Task Force 373

by Scott Creighton

Unconventional warfare specialist Trey Scott Atwater is attached to 7th Special Forces Group which has historic connections to El Salvadorian and Honduran death squads and current connections to Task Force 373 in Afghanistan which is a black op death squad itself. His story makes no sense and he forgot to tell investigators about being detained by airport security just a few days prior to his Saturday arrest. But we shouldn’t worry because he “loves his kids”

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Trey Scott Atwater – Bringing Unconventional War Back Home?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This is interesting “Documents do not say how much C4 was in Atwater’s bag or whether there were blasting caps.” AP


What is “unconventional warfare” and what does it have to do with Trey Scott Atwater and C-4?

If the world is now the battle field according to the NDAA 2012 legislation (signed the same day Atwater was caught boarding a plane with high explosives) does that mean the United States (Midland Texas) is now fair game in the Special Forces unconventional warfare theater of operations?  Has something else, something worse, been authorized by this this bill. Is military detention the least of our problems?

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Trey Scott Atwater, the NDAA, and Fort Bragg – Did We Just Dodge a Bullet?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yep. He’s Special Forces (see info at the end of the article)

UPDATE 2: His PMOS classification is 18c3 which according to the List of United States Army careers is “18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant” – His PMOS was found on a Military Times listing .

Trey Scott Atwater is an unconventional warfare and demolitions expert. See US Army Info Site listing for PMOS 18c3 at the end of this article. “Performs and teaches tasks in demolitions, explosives.. Plans, teaches and performs sabotage operations with standard, nonstandard and improvised munitions and explosives.”

UPDATE 3: As mentioned in the original article, the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg does factor into this story as Atwater is assigned there.

“Lt. Col. Tom Bryant, a public affairs officer for the Army Special Operations Command, confirmed that Atwater is assigned to the John F.  Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, which is at Fort Bragg, N.C.” OA Online

UPDATE 4: With the new NDAA 2012 declaring the entire world as the battle field, does that mean that the US Special Forces can conduct unconventional warfare operations right here in America? Is the threat of indefinite detention the least of our problems?  read Trey Scott Atwater – Bringing Unconventional War Back Home?


On Saturday morning, a soldier from Fort Bragg has been arrested for trying to board Flight 3283 out of Midland, Texas with military grade C-4 high explosives in his carry-on bag. The ink still wet on Obama’s signature on the NDAA and this soldier was heading back to Fort Bragg, home of Delta Force. Anyone thinking Waco?

Thirty-year-old Trey Scott Atwater, traveling with his family, was stopped going through the security scanner at the airport when a TSA agent noticed something odd in Atwater’s carry-on luggage. Turns out it was C-4, a demolition grade military high explosive. No reports yet as too how much C-4 Atwater had in the bag or whether or not he brought it with him on the trip to Midland from Fort Bragg.

A spokesman for the FBI said that there was no immediate threat to civilians because Atwater wasn’t found to be in possession of a detonator at the time of his arrest.

I’m not so sure.

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