In Secret Filing, DOJ Opposes Release of Hunger-Striking Gitmo Prisoner

(Here’s some more of that “CHANGE” for you lingering Obamaites)

from Common Dreams

In a maneuver described by constitutional rights experts as “rare and unusual,” the Obama administration late on Friday submitted a long-awaited filing urging a federal judge not to order the release of a hunger-striking prisoner at Guantánamo Bay, whose condition has been described by his lawyers as deteriorating rapidly.

The filing was kept under seal, though the Justice Department said a public version will be released later.

According to the Guardian‘s Spencer Ackerman, “U.S. officials said the objection to freeing Tariq Ba Odah, who is undernourished to the point of starvation, and the decision to challenge his legal gambit outside of public view, are indications that the Obama administration will fight tenaciously to stop detainees from seeking freedom in federal courts, despite Barack Obama’s oft-repeated pledge to close Guantánamo.”

Thirty-six-year-old Ba Odah has been held at Guantánamo since he was 23, and has been on hunger strike for eight years in protest of his indefinite detention. He has never been charged with a crime and he was cleared for release by a multi-agency review board in 2009.  He has been subjected to force-feeding and he reportedly weighs about 75 pounds.

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