Contagion and H5N1: Propaganda As Art and the Designer Armageddon Bug

by Scott Creighton

(I don’t do “doom saying” on this blog and don’t be mistaken, that is not what I am doing with this article. But some things are just so damn obvious, the connections that you can’t help but make, you have to write about them whether you want to or not. The rush to production of the film, the strange timing of the creation of this new strain of H5N1, the pending global economic collapse, the FEMA camps and the recent ads to staff them via military and contractors… the timing of all of this is extremely odd to say the least.)

Last night I stayed up and watched Contagion, a new film that came out on Sept. 9th of this year. It’s an interesting film that’s pure propaganda, I mean there is absolutely no other way of looking at it.It’s a fantasy world retelling of the H1N1 Swine Flu “Pandemic” of 2009 in which all the sins of the WHO and the CDC are washed clean and the bad guys are the bloggers who push fear and make money while doing it. The tagline for the film is “Nothing Spreads Like Fear”

The film reminded me of the recent announcement of the new strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus which was made at the influenza conference in Malta (of all places) just a month ago. For some reason Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam took an already existing strain of the influenza virus, the H5N1 strain to be exact and he modified it to make it some kind of horribly lethal and very contagious new creation which can really only be described at this point as a potential bio-weapon.

I’ll get back to the propaganda in a minute and when I do I will highlight a little actual history with the timing of the production of the film, who helped them make it, what it ultimately says about the CDC, the WHO, and each and every blogger on the planet (hint: not only is it insulting “graffiti with punctuation”, it’s also suggesting that we are dangerous and will cause millions of deaths… yeah… millions)

But first, let’s look at the newest pandemic potential bio-weapon; where it came from and who owns it (you might be surprised to find out that your tax-payer dollars paid for it’s creation… no kidding)

Part 1: The New H5N1 Virus and You – How Your Money Paid for the Designer Armageddon Bug

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Swine flu: “They Organized the Panic”. Inquiry into the Role of Big Pharma and WHO by Council of Europe

(“We want to clarify everything that brought about this massive operation of disinformation.”… “There was no medical reason for this. It was only for marketing purposes.”… “All that mattered and that led to the great campaign of panic which we have seen was that it was a golden opportunity for representatives from labs who knew they would hit the jackpot in the case of a pandemic being declared.”)

by Bruno Odent, Global Research

New Development: The German President of the Health Committee of the Council of Europe, Wolfgang Wodarg, is issuing accusations against the pharmaceutical lobbies and the governments. He has intitiated the start of an investigation by that body concerning the role played by the pharmaceutical in the campaign of panic about the virus.

 Ex-member of the SPD, Wolfgang Wodarg is a doctor and epidemiologist. His request for a commission of inquiry into the role of pharmaceutical companies in the management of swine flu outbreak by WHO and the nation states was granted unanimously by the members of the Health Committee of the Council of Europe…

What made you suspicious about the influence of pharmaceutical companies had on the decisions being taken in respect of swine flu?

Wolfgang Wodarg. We are facing a major failure of national institutions responsible for warning about risks and responding in case a pandemic occurs. In April when the first alarm came from Mexico I was very surprised at the figures furnished by the World Health Organization (WHO) to justify the declaration of a pandemic. I was immediately suspicious: the numbers were very low and the alarm level very high. There were not even into a thousand patients when there was already talk of the pandemic of the century. And the alert was decreed extreme based on the fact that the virus was new. But the characteristic of influenza disease is to develop very quickly with viruses which take on new forms each time, by dwelling in new hosts, animal, human etc.

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Drug firms made ‘false H1N1 claims’

The severity of the H1N1 outbreak was deliberately exaggerated by pharmaceutical companies that stood to make billions of dollars from a worldwide scare, a leading European health expert has claimed.

Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, has accused the makers of vaccines for the virus of influencing the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) decision to declare a pandemic.

At this point, worldwide just over 12,000 people have died due to H1N1 Swine Flu. Or at least, 12,000 deaths have been attributed to H1N1.  Each year, worldwide, over 250,000 die from seasonal flu.

April 28, 2009  The Pandemic That Wasn’t: Killing Two Birds with One Bug

April 30, 2009 What the Hell is Happening in Mexico?

April 30, 2009 For $1.5 Billion, they are “acting AS IF it is a pandemic” to “Implement Social Distancing”

While Swine Flu Vaccine Has Been Declared “Safe”, Novel Adjuvants Will Be Used Before Any Meaningful Testing has been Conducted

from George Washington’s Blog

Dr. Meryl Nass is an expert on vaccines.

Over the years, I have found Dr. Nass to be reasonable, balanced and well grounded in science in her discussions about the anthrax attacks and the criminal investigations into Dr. Hatfield and Dr. Ivins. So I wanted to see what she thought about the safety of the swine flu vaccine.

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DHS Sets Guidelines For Possible Swine Flu Quarantines

Detaining the “Infected

1. can detain and “quarantine” anyone “reasonably suspected” of infection

2. “novel” forms of the flu that could “potentially” be an epidemic

3. “resistance” to “quarantine” results in 1 year prison sentence, felony status, and 250,000 fine

**UPDATE** as it just so happens, Fox News ran a piece this morning preparing the people for the imposition of quarantines, suspension of civil liberties, and possibly mandatory vaccinations (with one of the two unapproved by the FDA vaccines?):

We have to think about the balance between saving our lives (from the “pandemic” that has only killed 1 person in the U.S.: a Mexican who came across the border after contracting the illness in Mexico?) ... and the loss of liberty and the loss of rights as Americans. I think as Americans, in order to stay alive, people are willing to give up and to make sacrifices...” (at that point in the interview the shows host says “uh huh” and “sure” to give an affirmation of that sentiment.)

watch the video here

(yesterday I wrote about this being used as a pretext to keep people from protesting after Mondays pending stock market drop after the release of the bank stress tests come out. Now, one day later, fox News is priming the pot for just such an occasion. )

What constitutes “reasonable suspicion” that someone is infected?  Why choose the term “potentially be an epidemic”? Does that mean all they have to do is get some complicit S.G. to say this could “become” an epidemic and that gives the government a green light to start rounding people up?  What constitutes “resistance” these days? What makes up resisting arrest charges? Telling an officer you aren’t sick? Is that “resistance”?  And what rights do you maintain under Quarantine?  Can you call a lawyer? Is there anyone you can call to even tell people where you are?

from CBS News

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has sent a memo to some health care providers noting procedures to be followed if the swine flu outbreak eventually makes quarantines necessary.

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For $1.5 Billion, they are “acting AS IF it is a pandemic” to “Implement Social Distancing”

by Scott Creighton

Implementing social distancing

Implementing social distancing

**UPDATE** I GOT IT!  AH HA!  Dr. Schuchat at the hearing just said it. “We will be, on a community by community basis, considering whether or not to cancel large gatherings or suggesting IMPLEMENTING SOCIAL DISTANCING…”  social distancing at a time when people are gathering and protesting the banker bailouts and the fiasco of a stimulus package… PLUS the bank stress tests are coming out in a week… they are making people afraid of gathering in large groups to PROTEST!!!  They are using this scare to line certain pockets… and as CROWD CONTROL!

**UPDATE** – The World Health Organization says this strain of flu won’t be as bad as the 1918 flu bug, or for that matter, as bad as the average winter seasonal flu

But, Team DLC Obama Brand is still pushing hard for their 1.5 billion dollars and whatever else they can milk this manufactured “crisis” for…

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” Rahm Emanuel

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What the Hell is Happening in Mexico?

by Scott Creighton

The recent “flu” outbreak in Mexico has sparked some rather curious responses from the Mexican government, namely the shutting down of non-emergency government offices till at  least May 5th (another odd coincidence as that the bank stress tests are due to be released on May 4th 2009 and by all accounts those reports will cause serious problems for the financial industry) and the mandatory closing of restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, libraries, stores of all kinds, and businesses in general in certain localities, as well as the cancellation of several May Day celebrations all across the country.  Mexican officials acknowledged on Wednesday that there have only been 7 confirmed deaths caused by the flu and 46 confirmed cases of infection, total.  A far cry from the 157 “suspected” deaths that many MSM sources are citing today.

The Mexican government has closed schools in all 32 of the country’s states, putting 34 million students, from pre-school to university, out of their classrooms at least until May 6.”   WSWS

The economic impact of this apparent overreaction is crippling the already reeling economy of Mexico.  Hundreds of thousands of Mexico’s working class have lost their sole source of income in a nation that was already suffering from recent global banking crisis.

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