Summer of Discontent – Maidan “Swarming Adolescents” Tactic from Ukraine Comes Home

by Scott Creighton

Now is the summer of our discontent
Made raging winter by this son of CHANGE;
And all the storms that low’r upon our union
From the deep pockets of his masters are unleashed

Cops are throwing rocks at protesters in order to spark a similar response. Writers are openly wondering about these events being manipulated. Mayors accidentally admitting they gave “those who wished to destroy space to do that”

The Summer of Discontent has officially kicked off in Baltimore. After months of preparing the rabble to take up arms against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune which hold them down, berate and belittle them, offer no solace of hope for a better tomorrow, the masters of the universe have crafted the newest version of the oldest trick of oligarchical authority: divide and conquer.

Fed a steady stream of divisiveness in the face of an unmitigated assault on the fabric of our constitutional republic, we are prepped and ready for the Summer of Discontent.

These are but a few of the coals tossed into the fire with the strategy of tension project escalating to a boiling point with people out of work, hopeless about their future, no longer trusting the government to concern themselves with their needs, no longer trusting the media to report that simple and obvious fact.

This is the logical conclusion of the American Gladio campaign. Nurture and then ignite a brush fire in order to extinguish the fury of a real revolution while the masters of the universe trade away our republic for the feudal system they have dreamed of for generations.

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