In the Company of Laymen – BYU’s Latest Distraction Campaign: Steven Jones and the Telsa Demolition Machine “Thump Thump”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I had joked earlier that almost every single demolition distraction theory makes an appearance in Fallout New Vegas including “mini-nukes“, “ray beams from space“, “C-4 charges“, and “thermite“. Well, it turns out that Steven Jones’ new distraction theory is also to be found in the popular video game. Say hi to “Thump Thump


Just a quick note.

Steven Jones’ “nanothermite” distraction is falling out of favor with the remaining Truth advocates so in a desperate attempt to keep them from testing for residues of the high explosives that were used to demolish the Twin Towers and Building 7, Steven has come out with a couple of new trial balloons to float in front of them to see if either of them resonate with the community.

First of all understand that Steven Jones is paid and paid well by neocon university BYU as per Steven’s own admission. Read the following for details of Jones’ admission that BYU financed and peer reviewed his “nanothermite” paper and then paid to have it published at the vanity press publishing house.

9/11 Truth Red Herring: Neoliberal BYU Has Financed, Staffed, and Peer-Reviewed Prof. Jones’ Flawed Thermite Distraction Since Day One

Also remember that BYU honored Dick Cheney in 2007 with an honorary doctorate around the same time they elevated Steven Jones to the position of Professor Emeritus. And then consider this statement from the then head of the Church of Latter Day Saints and BYU, their flagship university:

It may even be that [the Lord] will hold us responsible if we try to impede or hedge up the way of those who are involved in a contest with forces of evil and repression.”  Gordon B. Hinckley, 2003

Keep in mind that Gordon B. Hinckley and his family have a history with the Bush family and that before he left office, George W. Bush rewarded BYU with a massive 1.2 billion dollar NSA project to be built near BYU’s campus and staffed with many BYU graduates. Gordon B. Hinckley received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004.

In view of these contributions to 9/11 research, my friend and fellow 9/11-researcher Kevin Ryan said “Hurray for BYU!” And I have to agree.” Steven Jones

It’s pretty hard to imagine that an institution that believes God will hold you responsible for hindering Bush’s “Global War on Terror”, would finance and support a leading Truth advocate and his “research”.

Unless of course, that Truth advocate is doing something else.

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Steven Jones Continues to Demo Truth Movement

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A note to the remaining Truth advocates at 9/11 Blogger (see the end of the article)

Back in 2003 the RJ Lee Group was contracted by Deutsche Bank to do a study to identify signature markers of the dust created by the destruction of the World Trade Centers on Sept. 11th 2001. Apparently the new owners of the Trade Centers or their insurance company didn’t want to pay for the cleaning of the dust and the damage to the Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street, New York. So Deutsche Bank paid the RJ Lee Group to prove that the dust and damage to their building did indeed come from the event at the World Trade Center that day. The report was titled WTC Dust Signature Report Composition and Morphology. Who was to know that the key evidence of the demolition of the Trade Centers would turn up in that report.

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Steven Jones to Promote Earthquake Weapons with “Master Witches” and “Hyper Intuitives”

by Scott Creighton

The fake wing of the Truth movement is rolling right along doing what they can to make sure that this latest bit of cheap theatrics surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden doesn’t bring the real Truth movement any new, well-earned credibility. To that end, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Sofia Smallstorm and others will be appearing at this year’s Conspiracy Con annual convention of “theorists” in California.

It’s hard to imagine a better name for this gathering of con-artists. “Con” is right. Here’s a screenshot of the graphic on their website’s header right now. Notice how the smoke from the Twin Towers leads the reader’s eye directly to the VISA/MASTER CHARGE payment options section. Subtle huh?

twin tower smoke leading right to payment options... nice

I want to give you a little info on the other speakers so that you can see what Jones et al are going to be associating the Truth movement with at this critical time in our history. It’s about time we were done with Dr. Jones, don’t you think? Jones does not represent the real Truth movement, and if Gage doesn’t get rid of Gregg Roberts immediately, we will have to treat him the same way.

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Round-table of Trolls Attacks David Ray Griffin and Pushes the Official Story of 9/11

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Welcome 9/11Blogger community. Welcome to my site. Welcome to my 9/11 Truth “cult”, as Jon Gold just described it. You know what’s sad? Two years ago before I was banned at 9/11Blogger, had someone calling themselves a Truth advocate dared to use such an emotionally loaded Curley Joe Screw Loose Change buzz-word label as “cult” to describe fellow Truth advocates, the backlash would have been tremendous. But over there now, in the echo chamber of Sunstein contractors… nothing. You guys go on pushing the official story of 9/11 to your hearts content. Here, we are a little more dedicated to our efforts. Have fun guys and enjoy the site. And don’t worry, I don’t erase comments on this site like Blogger does.


I just listened to yet another personal attack on David Ray Griffin from fake Truth advocates. It’s a pod-cast of some sort with Jon Gold, John Albanese and Nicholas Filippelli. They suggest that Griffin is a disinfo agent and that he’s just in it to make money, since he has written so many books on the subject.  Of course, they keep saying it’s not an attack on Griffin per se, but they do say things like “if he is actually selling lies instead of the truth, then I don’t care what his name is“.  (Albanese actually repeats this talking point in a heated discussion at Blogger, once again accusing David Ray Griffin of “selling lies”) They associate him and his work with buzzwords like “loony“, “Bigfoot“, “cult“, “birther movement“, and “ray beams from space” while all the time trying their best to drag the Truth movement back into the “rational” world of the official story of 9/11.  There’s even some clips of them pissing on most of the controlled demolition evidence as well. But their focus is clearly a personal attack on David Ray Griffin using every trollish, dishonest, trick in the book. They mention that they are aware of a rather large backlash against them resulting from their recent attacks on Griffin, but it seems they just can’t help but dig themselves in even deeper. Trolls will be trolls.

Very instructive tape if you wish to figure out who the fake Truth movement is and what they are all about.

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So What Do You Think of Glenn Beck Now, Prof. Jones?

by Scott Creighton

In a recent post dated Dec. 12th 2010, Prof. Steven Jones ( BYU’s frontman in the now discredited “nanothermite” demolition theory) came out in support of Glenn Beck (and by extension, Alex Jones) stating on 911Blogger that he “trusted” Beck and suggesting that Truth advocates start watching his show.

“Alex Jones has noticed the uptick in rhetoric by GB and says that his trust level in GB has gone from a low value to “70-80%” – and I agree.”

“You may wish to listen or read for yourself:” Prof. Jones

“as I read and listen to what he is saying lately, I think he is sincere.” Prof. Jones

Oh I think he is sincere as well, Prof. Jones. The question is your sincerity, not his. Here are a few earlier and current quotes from the guy you trust Prof. Jones:

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(Another) Editor in Chief resigned over the Harrit et al. nanothermite paper

(Can we PLEASE test the Ground Zero dust for high explosive residues now? For two years now, I have been writing that Steven Jones has been running a distraction campaign paid for by neoconservative BYU. Now it seems someone has not only reviewed the Harrit/Jones “nanothermite” paper and found it wanting, but apparently, yet another Editor in Chief over at Bentham publishing has resigned over being associated with the paper. This guy apparently debated Harrit on the subject and wrote a scholarly paper critical of their work. It seems the wheels are coming off Jones’ 5 year distraction project. No wonder they want us to focus on the “fly over” theory.)

by Denis G. Rancourt, Activist Teacher

I was asked by 911 Truth movement researcher and radio host Kevin Barrett to debate Niels Harrit about nanothermite in WTC dust. I agreed and a two-hour live debate was held on November 9th, HERE.

In preparation I read the 2009 paper of Harrit et al. (Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2, 2009, 7-31). I found many scientific errors and concluded that the editorial and/or peer review had been done very poorly. I tried to address some of my concerns with Harrit during the radio interview. Those concerns which I had time to express were mostly confirmed rather than alleviated.

Many members of the 911 Truth movement use an “appeal to authority” argument in advancing Harrit’s paper as “peer reviewed” and Harrit himself as a scientific authority with relevant expertise. Anyone using “appeal to authority” arguments must expect that the authority in question can be questioned.

Even more boldly, some 911 Truthers, including Kevin Barrett, advance that since the Harrit paper has not formally been contested in any peer reviewed scientific article then its methods and conclusions must be valid. I don’t know the name for this particular sophistry but I know that many papers on important topics are wrong, believed to be wrong, and are never contested. This relates more to the social careerism of science than anything else.

I accept that the 911 Truth movement is an important societal movement and for that reason I decided to help clean up some of this crap.

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Prof. Steven Jones Shilling for Glenn Beck

by Scott Creighton

Well, you all know how I feel about Steven Jones and his “nanothermite” distraction, but today I just had to point this out. Gretavo over at WTCdemolition found a recent (very recent) post on Blogger put up by Professor BYUthermitedistraction himself in which he calls for us to “trust Glenn Beck

Steven Jones believes in the sincerity of Glenn Beck and wants Truth Advocates to do the same. (I had to say that twice… sorry)

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