Hannity Raves About “The ugly and twisted and dark soul of liberalism,” While Defending Crowder For Punching Demonstrator

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: GOP official in Virginia calls union members “terrorists”

Shawn Kenney, who formerly served as the communications director for the state GOP and is now the chairman of the Fluvanna Co. Board of Supervisors, posted an entry on his blog titled, “We Don’t Negotiate With (Union) Terrorists.” The post features a video of a brief fight that occurred outside the Michigan state capitol. Before the video, Kenney writes: “…and these people are terrorists.” Think Progress

I wonder if that means Ronald Reagan was a terrorist as well.


Crowder now admits to coming out of the tent and “pushing’ demonstrators. From the video Fox finally aired, the unedited one, it’s clear from his stance and his left arm being extended, that he hit that man. The other video from which the stills of the demonstrator swinging on Crowder, the one shot from the other angle, still hasn’t surfaced. But that one probably shows Crowder ducking under the other camera and hitting the protester. No wonder Steven didn’t file a complaint with the police.


The “course we are currently on”. The course I have been  warning about for years. The standard operating procedure when they neoliberalize a country, any country, is to demonize and remove the “leftists” and it has already begun in earnest here in America.

“Hannity, of course, was not only completely supportive of Crowder’s version of events, he seemed downright eager to use it to inflame hostility toward liberals. Again. Hannity said the incident represents “The ugly and twisted and dark soul of liberalism,” accused the left of “becoming increasingly vicious and violent” and said the “thugs” need to be “restrained” and “arrested.” He said, “Law and order has to prevail. If it doesn’t, this violence is going to spread, there will be blood in the streets and at some point, some people may, in fact, die. Now that’s the course we are currently on.”” Newshound

Of course he seemed eager to use it to demonize the left. He’s smart enough to pick a side, the side that isn’t getting rounded up by our death squads in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and others. The side that wasn’t rounded up in other countries we neoliberalized like Iran under the Shah, Nicaragua, Chile, Russia, Indonesia and India just to name a few.

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Steven Crowder Sucker Punched Demonstrator in Crowd Before he was Hit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hannity Raves About “The ugly and twisted and dark soul of liberalism,” While Defending Crowder For Punching Demonstrator


As promised, Fox “News” released a little more of the footage of the encounter between  washed-up child actor turned Fox lackey Steven Crowder and a protester in Michigan yesterday. All night Steven has been running around using this incident to boost his sagging relevancy and to demonize what his buddy Sean Hannity calls the “mob of left wing thugs”

“I want to make something very clear here, Sean. I never went out here to try and be assaulted, as leftists might say. I went out here to prove the left for who they truly are. Certainly, these union thugs. And I’ve achieved that.” Steven Crowder

The washed up child actor is apparently to stupid to realize just what he was admitting in that interview. He is apparently too stupid to understand that the video they showed last night includes proof that he sucker punched the demonstrator before he himself was hit in retaliation. This is why you don’t let ignorant washed-up child actors serve as correspondents on your fake news show. It never turns out well for you or your neoliberal agenda.

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Fox “News” Personality and Union Member Steven Crowder Knocks Down Union Members at Protest and Edits Video of Fight

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Steven Crowder Sucker Punched Demonstrator in Crowd Before he was Hit

UPDATE: Not only is Crowder a member of a union, but so are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh

and so was this guy… in fact he was the president of a union… twice


So I guess benefiting from collective bargaining is good enough for wealthy celebrities but not good for average working Americans.

How hypocritical is that? All of these guys working their tails off to demonize unions in the U.S. so their friends on various boards and in Wall Street can make another buck, the whole time knowing they themselves enjoy a better standard of living because of the strength of collective bargaining. Even their neoliberal god was a card carrying union member. Hell, he was the president of a union.

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