President Obama’s New “Space Weather” Executive Order

by Scott Creighton

Look at the bright side: at least they don’t need a false flag to take over now. They can just declare a ‘space weather’ event is about to take place and take over immediately after that. Don’t laugh about ‘space weather’. A solar flare has never wiped out mankind in the past or destroyed our electric grid, but that’s no reason to not have a billion dollar plan of action for the imposition of emergency government and the suspension of our civil liberties. While I think about it, we need a billion dollar plan to deal with an outbreak of Space Herpes and the possibility of Space Invaders. Oh wait, we already got that one. Oh shit. What about Space Global Warming or Space ISIS? Damn man. That’s like 7 billion dollars worth of initiatives right there. I need a gubmint job. I’m good at this shit.

His full declaration of our new War on Space Weather after the break.

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