John McCain (traitor) Wonders if It’s OK if He Works With Nazis to Attack Russia Again While a US Senator

by Scott Creighton

Image from Facebook (Mikheil Saakashvili's Page)

John McCain showing some man-love for yet another war criminal Saakashvili (from his Facebook page)

If it isn’t clear by now that John McCain is a traitor to the people of the United States, it should be after this.

Sen. McCain has found himself in a bit of a firestorm after our puppet Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, announced that John will be a member of his newly formed International Advisory Board.

Some reported that John was taken by complete surprise by the announcement and had no interest in serving as an adviser to the neo-Nazi regime which has embedded itself in Kiev.

But that’s not actually the full story:

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Georgia Started The Conflict: Pat Buchanan

Saakashvili “planned S. Ossetia invasion” -ex-minister

(Both Obama and McCain support Georgia and call for financial and military support for them due to the “attack” from Russia. But all the evidence now shows that Georgia attacked it’s own people in the breakaway province of South Ossetia, and killed several Russian Peacekeepers in the process. Have either backed off from their original warmongering claims?)

By Brian Rohan from Reuters story here.

PARIS, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili had long planned a military strike to seize back the breakaway region of South Ossetia but executed it poorly, making it easy for Russia to retaliate, Saakashvili’s former defence minister said.

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U.S. May Have Staged Georgian Conflict

from Russian Times, here.

In an interview with CNN, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict may have been staged to secure a victory for one of the presidential candidates in the U.S. He says preliminary reports show that U.S. citizens may have been present in the combat zone.

“We have serious reasons to believe that American citizens were right at the heart of the military action. This would have implications for American domestic policy. If this is confirmed, we will have grounds to suspect that somebody in the U.S. has created this conflict to aggravate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the presidential candidates”.

Russia’s Prime Minister also commented on the media coverage of the recent events.

“As far as the perception of these events by the general public goes, it depends not only on politicians, but also on how artful they are in controlling the mass media. And our American colleagues do this much better than we do and there’s a lot we can learn from them”.

Putin stressed that Russia did not attack and cannot be portrayed as an aggressor.

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Obama Towing the Company Line… Again.

by Scott Creighton

After his disgusting display in Israel and in front of the AIPAC conference earlier this year, not to mention his FISA fold and his Off-Shore Oil Drill “compromise” solution, and lest we forget him asking HIS supporters to send money to the defunct Clinton campaign to help them payoff the debts they ran up while distracting the party for 4 additional months and causing a permanent split between us (that will be used latter to explain away why McCain pulled out his “victory”)… after all that… Obama is proving, once again, that he is ready to be the “Spokesman in Chief” for the new Corporate Party of DC.

In the first 4 lines of his statement on the crisis in Georgia, he proves he is just as blinded by the financial powers that be, as is President Bush himself. Sometimes I have to wonder if Obama isn’t really just as stupid as Bush is.

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