An everyman Reviews Joe’s Democratic Response and Asks “Have You Eyes?”

by Scott Creighton

“Congressman Kennedy is a relentless fighter for working Americans,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “While President Trump has consistently broken his promises to the middle class, Congressman Kennedy profoundly understands the challenges facing hard-working men and women across the country.”

How deeply he understands those concerns is unclear. Kennedy is a Stanford and Harvard Law grad whose net worth is $42.3 million, according to an analysis of financial disclosure forms. That includes a $5 million trust fund. Newsweek

Staged in an empty auto mechanics school, symbolic in it’s own right,
with a few greasers in attendance for effect like the Ford product placement carefully elevated behind him,
Joe speaks to his hand-picked gathering of elites in the empty platitudes of the moment.
With the conventional wisdom of the establishment’s catch phrases, Joe preached to the choir his sermon of identity politics.
Pausing periodically for effect,
Joe dropped his voice to a whisper at times in a bad actor’s desperate attempt to affect an emotional connection
Where clearly there was none.

As his coming out party proceeded, his introduction as the anointed one from the pretenders of the left,
Joe was too self conscience to wipe the drool from the edges of his mouth, the moment was too big for him for improvisation.
Too much at stake.
His acting coach had not prepared Joe for that potential problem,
So he pressed onward, hitting his power words, pretending he was almost about to cry, several times during his sophomoric performance.
Joe of the 5 million dollar trust fund
Feels your pain.

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