My Take on Sibel Edmonds: Why are People Surprised?

Sibel Edmonds turning on Vanessa, Eva and Patrick? Ending her hit-piece video with seeming support for the attack on independent journalism right as we are about to ratchet-up the war on Syria? And folks act surprised Sibel is toeing the establishment line? Anyone remember her 9/11 “truthtelling”? Anyone?

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Fact Checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video

James fact checks Newsbud’s recent “Syria Under Siege” video and comes to some unfortunate conclusions.

Cass Sunstein and CIA Director at Time of the Leak are the Advisers Fixing the “Crisis” Caused by Snowden Psyop

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See update at end of article

UPDATE 2: See recent revelations about the Sunstein group’s recommendations. Here’s a hint : keep spying and collecting data.

UPDATE 3: Sunstein group recommended telecom companies collect and hold data themselves. See quote at end of article

UPDATE 4: The NSA can’t tell WHAT “Snowden” took and what he didn’t. Perhaps the ONLY computer in the world where no one can track a user’s history keystroke by keystroke. It’s AMAZING!

“They’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of man-hours trying to reconstruct everything he has gotten, and they still don’t know all of what he took,” a senior administration official said. “I know that seems crazy, but everything with this is crazy.” Press TV

Snowden is invisible in Russia and his task history is invisible in Hawaii. Like the X-Files or something.


Sunstein “government can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes,”

The Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden psyop is coming to a dramatic conclusion. While Sibel Edmonds is exposing Glenn Greenwald as the money-grubbing fraud that he is with help from a virtual army of Twitter pit-bulls (keep at it you guys), I happened to run across something new that should help put it all into a slightly clearer perspective.

This latest development along with the good work of Sibel Edmonds on this matter, should make the Manufactured Hero saga of Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald perfectly clear as nothing more than a psyop designed to ready the public mind to accept this year’s version of Big Business’ wet-dream… CISPA.

No two ways about it now. No question. We are in deep deep deep doo-doo folks. And Sunstein agent Greenwald is shoveling just as fast as he can.

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FLAME WAR! Greenwald VS Edmonds Oh, it’s ON!

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:  Cass Sunstein and CIA Director at Time of the Leak are the Advisers Fixing the “Crisis” Caused by Snowden Psyop

UPDATE: it should also be pointed out that his new billionaire sugar daddy backs CISPA via PayPal


Glenn Greenwald took exception to Sibel Edmonds’ recent article questioning his “Checkbook Journalism” approach to releasing all those “Edward Snowden Manufactured Hero” leaks he’s been selling here and there.

So Glenn, doing his level best to protect his new “brand” of journalism (worth all of a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS FINANCED BY HIS BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST SUGAR DADDY, Pierre Omidyar of Pay Pal ), went after Sibel in his usual way.

(The “Greenwald as hero” brand is worth a lot more than just that quarter of a billion dollars. He’s got a book deal out of “Edward Snowjob” and a movie deal in the works as well (hey, I hope that CIA director who did Zero Dark Thirty does Glenn’s movie. That would be GREAT). If he plays his cards right, Glenn could be a billionaire after leaking all this “truth” to us. BIG MONEY GREENWALD! Working his way up to Arriana Huffington status, huh? No more producing gay porn websites for Daddy Warbucks Greenwald! Hey, maybe he can finally pay off those tax debts)

Well, turns out, some other NSA whistle-blowers contacted Sibel and informed her that it is well known that PayPal had been in bed with the NSA forever and that likely, with 50,000 “leaks”, some of them would have to involve Glenn new investor sugar daddy’s company.

So, why hasn’t “truth teller Greenwald”, all American anti-establishment hero, revealed those “leaks”?

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Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders

by Sibel Edmunds, Boiling Frogs

Imagine a major government whistleblower who leaks his evidence and obtained documents to the highest bidders in the mainstream media and mega corporations. Does that sound awful, disgraceful and despicable? Okay. Now, imagine a pseudo journalist who obtains over 50,000 documents from a government whistleblower, and then takes some of this information and puts it out for bid, reserves a certain portion for a lucrative book deal, and saves the rest for a mega corporation that has a record of screwing whistleblowers. How does that sound? This is what I mean by the title of this commentary: Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders.

For the past twelve years I have been known as one of the most notorious government whistleblowers, even given the title of The Most Classified Person in the History of the United States by a civil liberties organization. I am the founder and director of a whistleblower organization that includes over 150 national security whistleblowers. I have known and represented over 150 national security whistleblowing cases in Congress and the media. And let me tell you this, I have never seen a case that even comes close to this bizarrely unethical and despicable case.

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