CIA’s Washington Post Says “democracy” is Causing All the Problems in the Middle East – so there should be less

by Scott Creighton

How many mistakes, outright lies and convoluted perceptions about the history of our involvement in the Middle East can one writer stuff into an Op-ed for the Washington Post (where “Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight”) and what does their twisted version of “truth” reveal about their fascist agenda?

It’s a good question isn’t it? Lets ask Yoav Fromer, a man who teaches a particular version of American history at Tel Aviv University and who just wrote a piece for the Post titled (believe it or not) “The Middle East doesn’t lack democracy. It has too much.”

“From Turkey to Israel to Iran, popular opinion drives the radicalism and instability of governments in the region Yoav Fromer

Is Turkey a “radical” nation because they oppose the faction of their Kurdish population who are striving to bust off part of the country for the Greater Kurdistan project? Are they “radical” because they call out Israeli aggression in places like Syria, Lebanon and Gaza? Or perhaps because they rejected a pipeline deal the Saudis and Qatar wanted? What exactly makes them “radical”?

And one can ask the same questions about Iran.

I think we all know what makes Israel radical. Endlessly posturing for war with Iran, bombing targets in Syria in support of groups like al Qaeda and ISIS and of course, the constant abuse of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Folks sitting on lawn chairs watching children being bombed during Operation Cast Lead didn’t help much either for that matter.

“Things got even worse after the United States inaugurated its new embassy in Jerusalem in May and violent protests erupted along the Gaza-Israeli border that left more than 60 Palestinians dead Yoav Fromer

The protests were not only not violent… they started on March 30 as part of the Great Return March. One might think that a professor in Israel would have to toe the party line as it were but one would be wrong. The one country where criticism of Israeli foreign policy is allowed… is Israel.  So Fromer’s historical white-washing of the IDF’s snipe murder-spree is completely by choice.

“There’s something that links all these crises: the considerable role of democratic majorities and public support in fueling them.” Yoav Fromer

Here are the crises that he mentioned as being caused by “democracy”:

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Fool Me Once: Failed Arkady Babchenko Psyop Further Exposes Atrocity Propaganda of the West

by Scott Creighton

Atrocity propaganda is the spreading of information about the crimes committed by an enemy, which can be factual, but often includes or features deliberate fabrications or exaggerations. This can involve photographs, videos, illustrations, interviews, and other forms of information presentation & reporting. It is frequently used as part of psychological warfare campaigns as well as to rally popular support against real atrocities, and distinguishing between the two applications can be very difficult.

The Arkady Babchenko story is just the latest example of a type of psychological warfare campaign (see unconventional warfare ch. 6-1) and irregular warfare) being run by our assets in the endless Global War OF Terror campaign, what they now call the Global Contingency Operation or what I call the Global Free Market Wars.

Atrocity propaganda has been used by nations to demonize an enemy and turn a population toward the acceptance of war for almost as long war has existed. In the U.S. it was especially popular in WWI but used with much less frequency in the following world war mainly because it had been exposed to a great extent in the years following the first (see Creel Commission and the Committee on Public Information) and a people who were understandably eager to avoid another major war were acutely aware of what it looked and smelled like.

During World War II, atrocity propaganda was not used on the same scale as in World War I, as by then it had long been discredited by its use during the previous conflict.[26]

It’s the story of the boy who cried wolf. When the war propagandists go to the well once too often with their copy and paste “hearts and minds” campaigns (see Army War College (PDF)), the people become not only indifferent to their manipulations but also angered at the attempt to manipulate them… once again. The “Fool me once” phenomenon sets in.

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The Arkady Babchenko Psyop: Murdered Yesterday, Fine Today… Admits it was Ukrainian Ploy

by Scott Creighton

Arkady Babchenko is a “journalist” residing in Ukraine at the moment. He used to live in Russia and made it his life’s work to help bring about another neoliberal regime change the likes that brought the Russian people Boris Yeltsin back in the day. That is part of our regime change program. We use the for-profit media outlets in targeted nations to start promoting disinformation and outright lies about their current leadership in order to turn the population against them. Major corporations typically own the media in these countries and we can exert pressure on them to appease our regime change interests. When the government cracks down on the local media publishing lies and trying to inflame the people against their government, we call it an attack on the “free” press. We’ve done it many times, most recently in Turkey making ready for that regime change operation.

Yesterday, Reuters, the Associated Press and pretty much every other complicit media outlet announced Arkady had been murdered and they all implied it was the evil Vladamir Putin and those darn Godless commie Rooskies that did it.

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Reading Judge Norton’s May 2017 Ruling in Tommy Robinson Case

(H/T Jay-Q) I think it’s important for content creators understand while they are pandering to a certain market for subs and Patreon donations, this is who and WHAT you are promoting.

No. “Tommy Robinson” not a political prisoner.

He’s an agent provocateur and the judge’s ruling was fair and reasonable considering the circumstances.

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Greenwald’s Intercept Still Promoting “Edward Snowden”, the Manufactured Hero of Surveillance Capitalism

by Scott Creighton

The following are notes for a video I am in the process of making. It’s on the re-emergence of their manufactured hero “Edward Snowden” and his efforts to promote more propaganda on Glenn Greenwald’s website. In the interview he did “Snowden” (a fake name) says folks should temper their expectations from the Mueller investigation because Trump is too stupid to be trusted with collusion by the Russians but that in all likelihood, Russian interference did take place and The Donald most certainly WANTED to collude. He was just too dumb. “Snowden” is making the public ready for a big nothing-burger coming from the investigation.

He also promotes his own venture into the world of surveillance capitalism brought about by his and Glenn Greenwald’s psychological operation back in 2013.

Finally, his interviewer praises him for coming forward and “starting the conversation” that gave us things like the USA Freedom Act and the new CISPA, called “CISA” because they dropped the pretense that it was about PROTECTING your rights to privacy.

Below the fold you will find a lot of material and references detailing that interview and the whole “Snowde” psyop along with scores of info on what has been happening as a direct result of us “having the conversation” and getting Big Business what they DESPERATELY WANTED back in April of 2013… just before “Snowden” and Greenwald kicked off their campaign.

PLUS you will see a particial list of just SOME of the serious privacy violations being committed by Big Business in their never ending quest to make as much money as they can from the new surveillance capitalism state and all the control that comes with it.

When the video comes out, I will post it on this thread.

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Two CFR Videos Expose Hatred of Populism and Fear of an Interconnected, Uncensored Participatory Public

by Scott Creighton

The Council on Foreign Relations sets the tone and the agenda for the neoliberal globalists across the world and they hold seminars regularly to get their bullet points out to their sleeper cells who in turn take action like so many Amway regional reps would after a convention.

Though I watch these things regularly so I can better understand the major narrative and agenda item shifts of our adversaries (so nice of them to underestimate us by making these things public thinking we wont see or care about them), I rarely publish them on my website. They are dry and usually simple regurgitation of previous neoliberal indoctrination material, devoid of actionable intelligence as it were.

However, these two videos below are fascinating in that they come right out and admit they are concerned to the point of panic that they are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the targeted populations. Us.

The first video is from May 3, 2018. The second from April 23.

The first one deals with them planning on how to tackle the issue of “fake news” and by that they mean how they need to regain control of the thinking of the people by 1. continuing to push pro-free market neoliberal globalization while simultaneously 2. stemming the flow of communication between citizens in an open and free manner which counters their lies and deceptions.

The second tackles the issue of how to counter the rise of populism in what they call “illiberal” or “fake” democracies around the world. The list several repeatedly 1. Turkey 2. Venezuela 3. Russia 4. Hungary 5. Poland (they also mentioned “Donald Trump” in passing as an example of someone gaining political influence by appealing to “populism”)

Just for the record:

“populism – support for the concerns of ordinary people”

These are very informative talks they give. Very enlightening how they perceive the world around them and the threat of governments and movements that actually show “support for the concerns of ordinary people”

I couldn’t possibly describe to you the sickness that is neoliberal globalization any better than the folks at the Council for Foreign Relations can so sit back, grab a beer and a notepad and enjoy a peek into the troubled, democracy-hating world of the masters of the universe and their favorite sociopathic think-tank.

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Media Trying to Fix the Rome Shubert Story

by Scott Creighton

I have been leaving this Santa Fe shooting story alone for the past day or so just to see how it all shakes out and I will tell you, a couple recent stories from the complicit media make me wonder more about it than I did at the start.

First of all, the New York Times now says Rome was grazed by a bullet in the back of the head, not “shot in the back of the head” like the story was first reported.

“Rome Shubert, 16, one of Santa Fe’s pitchers, sat on a metal folding chair near the dugout for the opening pitch. He had been grazed in the back of the head by a bullet on Friday.” New York Times May 20th

Now maybe that’s because so few folks are buying the story that Rome himself was selling when it first happened.

“As soon as I got into–as soon as I got into the emergency room, and they had got me in to a room they [the doctors] were like–I got–had gotten looked over–they–a couple doctors came in there and said, to, its a–just went through and through. And that, uhm, how responsive I am is really, really good” Rome Shubert, KHOU interview day after shooting

Ok. A “through and through” gunshot wound to the back of the head is not “grazed… by a bullet”. Those are two separate things.

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