#OpICE is a Destabilization Campaign #sayNOtoOpICE

by Scott Creighton

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Strange game.
The only winning move is
not to play.

All hyperbole aside, we find ourselves in a precarious moment of our history right now. Considering the players involved and the efforts being exerted on both sides of the artificial divide, it is incomprehensible that this is either an organic moment in time or merely a distraction like so many others they have created in the past.

The point is to create a crisis situation which they can use to push forward neoliberal Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Trump’s “smaller government” realignment plan and the GOP’s neoliberal austerity measures in the form of their latest version of the 2019 budget proposal.

Depending on how far this goes, they could also toss in constitutional reforms regarding free speech, the open internet, gun control and even due process of law.

The effort to anger and frighten the public is coming from the establishment left and right as they parrot each others hyperbolic rhetoric and scare tactics and they are also being aided by the so-called “alternative” channels like InfoWars, Jimmy Dore and others.

As with the Patriot Act and 9/11, the idea is to create the appropriately proportional crisis situation which will allow them to enact several reforms in this country in the interest of “national security” and “stability”  The way they do this is to put people out on the streets protesting ICE… incite a racial element to the “crisis”… interject Black Lives Matter types along with the requisite numbers of Tommy Robinson fans… and, if needed, instigate some violence, real or imagined, to get the ball rolling.

Then they will stage various hyperbolic CNN video coverage (like the faked ones they made during the Ferguson protests) and you have the makings of their imaginary “civil war”

In spite of what you are being told by the likes of Dore and Jones (two sides same coin) the ONLY way to win in this game… is NOT TO PLAY. Let them stage their little destabilization event and sit back and watch them try to hyperventilate over the empty streets AS IF it’s a MAJOR EVENT.

They want to play you. They want to use children, fake images, hyperbolic weeping scenes and the fear of a brown planet (and the “damn COMMIES!!!”) to motivate you TO DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM… because they think they are that masterful in their propaganda manipulation techniques.


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