Las Vegas Shooting: Why is Debbie from Sane Progressive Deliberately Misleading her Audience?

I caught her manipulating videos and ignoring footage of blood-soaked scene to maintain the “no victims” hoax story. Very depressing and the more she does this the more her previous work will be diminished.

This is my last video dealing with Debbie and the “no victims” line of inquiry. It’s clearly bullshit and Debbie needs to answer for it.

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Sane Progressive Video: Corporate Media Using Aleppo Syrian Child Photo to Fan Support for More Insane Wars for Profit

(lol. She gets so mad. I like her though. I wonder how mad she would get if she really understood what ISIS™ is and what the Greater Kurdistan project is. She doesn’t seem to understand the photo she is mad about is staged nor does she get it that the real problem isn’t simply the “military industrial complex” but rather an ideology that is shared by all in the Washington Consensus, including Sen. Sanders apparently. But she is passionate and correct about how they use images like this one of this kid to gin-up support for “liberal” wars of aggression so I give her credit for that.

If you go look at her video list she appears to focus completely on domestic politics and domestic issues. She does talk about the TPP and the “free trade” deals some, but only in the context of what they mean for US workers and there is nothing wrong with that. But delving into foreign affairs is a different animal. I also wonder, not seeing much on her Youtube video list about Israeli policy or AIPAC, how much she can really understand about the “New Middle East” without apparently knowing who else is behind the formation of ISIS™ and the destabilization of Syria and Turkey right now. I went back 9 months on her video list and found nothing else about foreign policy or military adventurism, not in the titles of her videos at least. And certainly nothing about the IDF or Zionist Israeli Likudnik policies.

In order to explain how little she really understands, she says at one point “There’s another thing going on right now in Yemen. In Yemen” as if it’s something new. The very first kids Obama killed (probably back when this woman was still celebrating his election) with cruise missiles were in Yemen back in Dec. of 2009. I wrote about it as did many others but it wasn’t cool to hit on ObamaGod back then. “Progressives” were still saying he was playing 3d chess while everyone else was playing checkers so I understand how it seems new to her. Now, I didn’t go back farther than a year on her video list, but somehow I doubt she covered it back then like I did. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

She says Saudi Arabia is targeting Doctors Without Borders hospitals in Yemen because they are “witnesses. Reporting on war crimes in these areas” which is patently false. DWB stays neutral. They do that so they don’t get targeted.

Saudi Arabia has bombed ALL THE HOSPITALS in Sanaa and other cities under the control of the Houthis just as they have bombed schools as well. Schools and power substations, police departments, critical infrastructure and community spaces like open air markets. They do that because they are trying to destroy CIVILIZATION in the targeted areas so people will have to LEAVE or become so despondent they will turn their backs on their own government in hopes the devastation will come to an end.

It seems like a small difference but it is an important one. What they are really doing is much more brutal than even she, in all her self-righteous indignation, understands.

But all that said, she’s angry and passionate about this issue and rightly so. I just wish she took the time to figure out what’s really behind it because THAT is what we have to be “educating” the progressives about, not just getting mad at Clinton because she’s “putting on a strap-on and fucking the world”)