The Sandra Bland Story is Getting Stranger by the Minute

by Scott Creighton

The tragic story of Sandra Bland is getting stranger by the minute.

Yesterday I wrote about the dash-cam video of her arrest and I concluded that had she remained calm, she would have simply received a warning and been on her way. Clearly the trooper involved didn’t have to order her out of the car, but that’s where the conflict went and unfortunately, escalated from there.

That aside, I also made it clear I didn’t think this young woman would take her own life over a simple Assault on a Public Servant charge.

Discussing this later with folks on Twitter people all seem to come down to one of two camps: murder or suicide. White or black. No grey area to be found.

It was during that discussion that it occurred to me that she may have been behaving like she did during the arrest and someone decided to put her in a restraint chair and leave her unsupervised in her cell till she calmed down. This is a typical practice used by deputies when inmates get out of control.

Unfortunately, a number of deaths have occurred due to the way the restraint chair works and those deaths are almost always due to suffocation.

Death from physical restraint can result from asphyxiation, aspiration, cardiac arrest and other reasons. Restraint chairs are often used in combination with spit masks or pepper spray that can impede breathing. For all these reasons it is important to be vigilant for health problems when using physical restraints. Corrections One

A review of deaths at county jails around the country found more than three dozen restraint chair deaths since the chairs were introduced in the late ’90s. Restraint Chair Jail Deaths

I therefore put forward the theory that perhaps this is what happened to her and because of her connection with Black Lives Matter coupled with the fact that they knew she was an epileptic, someone at the jail decided to attempt to cover-up her manner of death.

A lot of folks jumped on me for even suggesting such a thing. They cited the M.E. report and the sheriff’s release of the information that claims she admitted to having attempted suicide earlier this year.

I reminded them that M.E. reports can be 1. wrong and 2. deliberately falsified.

I also reminded folks that just because a sheriff says something is true, doesn’t mean it is.

I have noted a few problems with the official story of how Sandra Bland was supposed to have died while in police custody.

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The Senseless Death of Sandra Bland Started with a Senseless Conflict Between Assholes (unedited traffic stop dashcam video)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The investigation into her death is being treated as a murder investigation. Good. It should have been treated as such from the beginning.

UPDATE: Have a listen to Ali Shakur. He argues that the Black Lives Matter movement got her killed.


So, before the Soros-backed “Black Lives Matter” goon squad shows up at my door along with the PC police, let me just say, being as asshole doesn’t mean she deserved what happened to her in that Texas jail cell. It also doesn’t mean she hung herself with a garbage bag. In fact, it might give one a little insight into why a guard may have helped her along in that task.

Be that as it may, the truth is, Sandra Bland was an asshole to that officer from the start of her traffic stop and she never let up.

I’ve been an asshole to cops during traffic stops in the past. Waaaay in the past. It comes from being young I guess and in my case, more than a little tipsy. You live and learn and get over it and eventually you come to understand sometimes it’s not in your best interests to tell people on authority trips what you really think of them.

Unfortunately for Sandra, she wont get the chance to learn that lesson.

A lot of websites are claiming, falsely, the cop “demanded” she put out a cigarette and when she refused, dragged her out of the car. Both of those statements are false.

The officer was nice to her at the beginning of the stop. He pulled her over for failing to use a turn signal when changing lanes. She seemed politely hostile toward him but the first part of the video shows no real confrontation from either party.

It was after he ran her info and decided to let her off with a warning when things went bad.

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