Ataturk Airport Bombing ala Gladio 2.0, Steals Headlines from Benghazi/CIA Commission Report

by Scott Creighton

You can always count on “ISIS™” to strike at the most opportune moment for Western interests. This is a pattern that has been well established in recent “ISIS™” history.

When we started loosing control of our puppet regime in war-torn Libya and the people started rising up to kick our corrupt cronies to the curb, “ISIS™” suddenly showed up and thus we had all the justification we needed to start bombing again.

It works something like this:

When globalist interests wanted Japan to tear-up their peace constitution making way for Obama’s “pivot to Asia”, “ISIS™” decided to make a ridiculous beheading video featuring Hapless Haruna which was so badly Photoshoped, not only did Fox News have to admit it was a fake, but the Japanese people started up a bad Photoshop contest making fun of the “news’ story.

On Dec. 25th, 2014, I entered the contest with this effort. Notice how it pulls “ISIS™” into the all important War on Christmas? Subtle, huh?


I think I should have won but since I’m not Japanese and since I made it with Autocad and not Photoshop, I was disqualified. Racist bastards.

Truth is, there is a VERY long history of “ISIS™” popping up just where they are needed to justify whatever the CIA or the MIC or NATO or Obama wants at the moment. Unless you are brain-dead or a total shill (or coward), you cannot deny it.

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The Brussels Attacks, the New Corporate World Order, Expanding the 5 Eyes and the TTIP

by Scott Creighton

“That has worked in places like the “five eyes” alliance of English-speaking countries, but sharing data with all the other countries in the EU is a far more ambitious goal.” BBC, Jan. 1

Two questions, one answer.

  1. What does a global fascist system like that to be created in the US and the EU via the pending TTIP “free trade” agreement need to remain in power and to thrive in spite of it’s undemocratic, totalitarian and corporatecentric rule?
  2. What has the CIA and State Department built in every single nation they overthrew over the past 60 years in order to install a pro-Western, fascist dictator of their choosing?

The answer to both of those questions is a brutal, over-reaching police state that can and will erase dissidents in the dead of the night who espouse “radicalized” ideas of individual’s “rights, liberties and democracy” being trampled upon by our New Corporate World Order. These kinds of voices have been and will be silenced via midnight raids on homes where unnamed “terrorism suspects” are rounded up and disappeared into the labyrinth of the global Industrial Intelligence Industry for crimes unknown and never specified for reasons of “national security”

The democracy-crushing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with it’s disastrous  Investor-state dispute settlement  apparatus, is quietly worming it’s way through the European Union (EU) on route to being implemented sometime in the end of this year.

It is extremely unpopular, both abroad and here in the States and that is why it wont be finalized until after the US “election” and most likely will be signed by President Peace Prize after another is made ready to take his place and during the lame duck session of congress.

But before that happens, a security system has to be put in place over the whole of the area affected by this agreement: all of the European Union. A security agreement which just happens to include the United States, the other partner of the TTIP.

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The Twisted Plot-line of the San Bernardino Shooting Made More Shyamalanesque with the Apple Issue

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The FBI asked the owner of the Iphone to change the password which made sure it wouldn’t auto-update.


Much is being made of the “fight” between the Justice Department and Apple over access to information on the Iphone that was being used by San Bernardino shooting patsy suspect, Syed Farook at the time of the event.

I say “being used at the time” because Syed didn’t really own the phone, his employer, the government, owned it.

Not only did they own it at that time and not Syed, but they also seem to have changed the password hours after the attack, WHILE THE PHONE WAS IN THE POSSESSION OF FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS, for some unknown reason.

What that did was stop the auto-backup to the Icloud preventing the disclosure of whatever data the phone collected during the time the patsies were supposedly missing for a couple hours after the attack and possibly showing what they were doing BEFORE the attack.

Poof. That information is now gone.

That is, if he ever really had the phone with him in the first place because the auto-update function hadn’t been used on that phone for about a month and a half prior to the attack which means he never took it to a secure location… like his home… during that entire time.

“The filing states, “the owner [San Bernardino County Department of Public Health], in an attempt to gain access to some information in the hours after the attack, was able to reset the password remotely, but that had the effect of eliminating the possibility of an auto-backup.”

… Missing the opportunity for a backup was crucial because some of the information stored on the phone would have been backed up to the iCloud and could have potentially been retrieved. According to court records, the iPhone had not been backed up since Oct. 19, 2015, one-and-a-half months before the attackABC News

So a government official reset the password, supposedly on his own initiative, but, according to Apple and even the Feds, the investigators were in possession of the phone when the reset took place.

“The auto reset was executed by a county information technology employee, according to a federal official. Federal investigators only found out about the reset after it had occurred and that the county employee acted on his own, not on the orders of federal authorities, the source said.

Apple executives say the iPhone was in the possession of the government when iCloud password was reset. A federal official familiar with the investigation confirmed that federal investigators were indeed in possession of the phone when the reset occurred.”  ABC News

So the investigators had the phone after the shooting when an employee of the government reset the password remotely from somewhere else?

Hmmm. I wonder why they would do that.

The Feds have also determined that the Iphone in question was never paired with any computer at Farook’s home which would be kind of odd considering that is a key feature with these devices.

Due to the extremely dubious nature of these developments in the story, I doubt the “fight” between Apple and the Feds is really a fight. This new development seems to me to be an obviously contrived plot-twist leading up to a Supreme Court ruling which Apple is saying will certainly take place.

Let’s keep this new development in mind while we take a look back at the rest of the M. Night Shyamalan story surrounding the San Bernardino shooting.

Yeah, I went there.

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Donald Trump Wants Bill Gates to “Close That Internet Up” Due to “Radicalization”

(So let’s see, that’s the 1st amendment and we already know they want to remove  your 2nd and 5th amendments all due to the San Bernardino shooting event. That’s a globalist trifecta baby!)

from Redsilverj

Newt Gingrich Tweeted About “California Terrorist Attack” Relating it to ISIS™ on Nov. 13th

by Scott Creighton (H/T tommyknocker1 )

In an effort to push for a new congressional authorization for the use of military force, a real Tweet from Newt Gingrich’s Twitter account dated Nov. 13th, stated the following:

“Maybe scale of the Paris attack following Russian airline bombing and California terrorist attack will convince our leaders this is real war” Newt Gingrich

Here is the Tweet itself. If given enough attention, I’m sure it will be gone in a short while.

Considering the implications of this Tweet, I decided to ask Newt about his statement.


Newt was forecasting the exact talking points being used right now to push for more war in the Middle East and across the globe.

Neocon warmongers are saying that these three recent events have seriously escalated the “war with ISIS™” to the point where we need to arm the president with a new authorization for the use of military force bill. They want to make war in places like Nigeria, Libya, Sinai, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and anywhere else various populations start to take exception to our American Exceptionalism.

The problem here is that Newt seems to have tipped his hand a little with this Tweet since the San Bernardino shootings didn’t take place until Dec. 2, 2015. And that phony pledge from the Facebook spokesman aside, they still haven’t tied it into ISIS™ (though now they seem to be trying to do just that with the mysterious, kidnapped, brainwashed “friend” of Farooq)

I decided to try to nip Newt’s response in the bud a little. I figure he’s going to try to argue that he was talking about another ISIS™ terrorist attack in California just prior to the Paris attacks. Problem is, none exists.

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San Bernardino “Terrorist” Gun Battle With Cops (full video)

by Scott Creighton

One of the readers who showed up here claims to be from San Bernardino and says she watched the gun battle during the car chase on live TV from the helicopter footage.  Here is the video footage of the live feed from the helicopter. You’ll notice by time they eventually get around to showing the scene, it’s already done with. The patsy suspect is lying on the ground and the SUV is shot up from all directions. As the film maker points out, there doesn’t appear to be any police presence in front of the car which make you wonder how those bullet holes got in the front windshield. Also of note: as the SUV is being “chased” in the slow motion car chase, notice the SUV has a particular style of flashing lights. Why would he have his flashers on?

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Obama Uses “American Exceptionalism” Myth to Plead for Cheney’s Unitary Executive Theory

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Obama’s Coalition of the Willing have begun bombing Syrian forces directly. 3 Syrian troops killed several others wounded Coalition authorities say “we see no evidence of this”

UPDATE: Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?


“let’s make sure we never forget what makes us exceptional”

Last night our president, Barack Obama, the president of “CHANGE”, went before the nation to plead his case for endless war, more unconventional warfare by means of terrorism and the stripping of US citizen’s rights by the arbitrary means of simply adding their names to the MASSIVE and growing “no fly” list.

And as the basis of all of this, Obama said we can and should do these things, because we’re just so damn exceptional.

“My fellow Americans, I am confident we will succeed in this mission because we are on the right side of history. We were founded upon a belief in human dignity — that no matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or what religion you practice, you are equal in the eyes of God and equal in the eyes of the law.”

Does anyone here feel we are on the right side of history after the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq? How about Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Vietnam, Nigeria or Sudan? How about Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina or Chile in 1973?

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