Get Smart: Ryan Fogle the Busted State Department’s “Spy VS Spy” Asset in Russia (photos)

by Scott Creighton

Distraction Alert! Do not look at Benghazi or the AP wiretapping scandal! Look over here! Look over here!

I would be woefully inadequate as a journalist if I tried to pretend that finding a CIA asset in the State Department was some kind of ground breaking news story. It isn’t. It’s a cliche. You can’t swing a dead detainee in any U.S. Embassies without hitting at least one super-secret spook. Apparently they have spook badges, carry trusty compasses and wear cheap WalMart wigs under those fabulous Spy VS Spy hats.

So a CIA Economic Hitman isn’t the big story with the Ryan Fogle arrest in Russia. But as usual, I’ll tell you what is.

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