Centrist Central: How Stewart and Colbert are Selling the Neocon Agenda to the Left

by Scott Creighton 

I just have to ask, is there anything, anything, that billionare Sumner Redstone’s progressive propaganda tag-team of Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert won’t do to help turn the supposed left 180 degrees from positions they held during the previous administration? 

I have written several times about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert turning into blatant propagandists since the Chosen One took office.

For example: there’s the time Jon Stewart played the MEMRI TV video demonizing Palestinians, Stephen Colbert’s recent revolting sucking-up to globalist Joe Biden, there was Stewart’s story about the South Park episode psyop involving Revolution Muslim which turns out to be run by a “converted” jewish ex-settler from the West Bank, Stephen’s sycophantic groveling and rebranding the Afghan occupation just after Obama took office, and then of course Stewart’s ambushing of Rod Blagojevich which I thought was a pretty odd position for a “progressive” to take after he practically gave back rubs and “happy endings” to each and every neocon that has come on his set to pimp their new books or try to rebrand themselves as anything but the war criminals they are. That list includes but is not limited to Bill Kristol, Ari Fleischer, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Thomas Friedman, Tom Ridge, and John Yoo.  Each and every one of the previously named neocons and or war criminals, Jon Stewart treated with more respect than he did Rod Blagojevich who’s only crime was to threaten Bank of America if they didn’t live up to the conditions of the banker bailout bill. 

Recently these two progressive shills have each taken on a new directive which certainly lives up to their pathetic performances in the past. 

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Jon Stewart Ambushes Rod Blagojevich

by Scott Creighton

Holding to his traditional role as “left” mouthpiece for the neoliberal status quo and the Obama/Rahm/Clinton/AIPAC junta, Jon Stewart ( born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) ambushed Rod Blagojevich on his show the other night after Blago beat out 23 of 24 trumped-up charges  .

You think he would congratulate him, but instead he made a joke out of it and then tried to convict him in the court of public “left” opinion.

One of those charges Blago beat was “trying to sell the Illinois Senate seat” Obama had vacated.  Unbelievably, this charge remains after Barack Obama’s own investigation found that Blagojevich did NOT try to “sell the senate seat”. Yet Jon Stewart completely ignores all the facts surrounding the case and steadily berates Blagojevich, eventually stooping to insinuation that his guest was a “sociopath”

Blago stands wrongly accused of trying to sell the senate seat, still.  Which is unbelievable since Obama’s own investigation has revealed that neither Blagojevich or his people tried to work a deal for the senate seat.

The accounts support your statement on December 11, 2008 that you “have never spoken to the Governor on this subject [or] about these issues,” and that you “had no contact with the Governor’s office.” In addition, the accounts contain no indication of inappropriate discussions with the Governor or anyone from his office about a “deal” or a quid pro quo arrangement in which he would receive a personal benefit in return for any specific appointment to fill the vacancy.”  Transition Staff Contacts with the Governor’s Office, Dec. 2008

Mr. Harris did not make any effort to extract a personal benefit for the Governor in any of these conversations,” the report states. “There was no discussion of a cabinet position, of 501c(4), of a private sector position or of any other personal benefit to the Governor in exchange for the Senate appointment.”  American Everyman, January 3rd, 2009

Now you would think they might drop that charge after the Obama administration admitted that Blago didn’t try to “sell the senate seat” in public but since they really had nothing else, and since the MSM tried their best to bury that part of the story, I suppose they ran with it anyway. Jon Stewart seemed to “forget’ all about that little factoid himself…

“The charge of selling the senate seat. That vote was 11 to 1 against you. They may have said they didn’t prove their case but you are hitting .083 with the jurors… they came pretty close to proving their case.”  Jon Stewart

“You’re a guy that’s the most adamant about his innocence of anyone I ever met, so you’re either the victim of a terrible persecution or you’re a sociopath,” Stewart said. “I want to believe you’re not a sociopath, so you have to come out — and not on talk shows — in a court of law, and clear your name. You have to.”  Huffington Post Aug. 24, 2010

The definition of a sociopath is as follows: “a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

Stewart claimed Blago could be a sociopath because he had claimed he would take the stand and testify, but after seeing the weak case presented by the prosecution, he did not.

Is that the definition of a sociopath?

Interestingly, Jon Stewart has had on his show Marc Thiessen, Douglas Feith, John Yoo, John Bolton, Henry Kissinger, M. Albreight, and Rudolph Giuliani to name a few, but he never called any of them a “sociopath” to my knowledge. He never even suggested they could be a sociopath if they don’t testify in open court, whatever that means.

Kind of an odd behavioral pattern for a “liberal” isn’t it?

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Congratulations Gov. Blagojevich

by Scott Creighton

I had forgotten why I had been banned at the Huffington Post…. now I remember.

I just got banned from HuffPo and my profile was [wiped-out] so that no one can read my comments.

Not because I am a republican troll. They have plenty of those there, and they let them post some of the most horrible comments I have seen.

I posted no calls for violence, no racist statements, no anti-Semitic comments, no profanity.

They banned me for pointing out what a witch-hunt this Blagojevich thing has become. They banned me because I posted links showing the connection between [Bank] of America and Blago’s demise.

They banned me because I pointed out that Madigan is probably on that list Rahm gave Blago’s people, and that Arianna had gone on TV the night before that came out and flat out claimed that Rahm hadn’t had any connection with Blago’s people. me, Dec. 16th 2008

Or maybe they banned me because of this…

I am not going back to Huffington Post. She is getting all kinds of press for her recent article “Character is Destiny” where she argues that in the end, the character of Rod Blagojevich is what set this in motion. That’s a fascinating theory coming from a “liberal journalist” who married a homosexual oil tycoon millionaire friend of the Bush family and then settled her plagiarism case out of court, when she stole another writer’s work and put in her book claiming it as her own. Is that “character” befitting the “destiny” she has receivedme, Dec. 13th, 2008

I don’t know… it’s a toss-up. Ah, but I digress.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on only one charge that had been leveled against him, the other 23 charges were dismissed in a mistrial. The judge declared the mistrial so that the case could be tried again.. talk about your double-jeopardy; “Double jeopardy is a procedural defense that forbids a defendant from being tried twice for the same crime on the same set of facts.”

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Clinton’s Plan for Haiti: Coca-Cola Plantations and Sara Lee Sweatshops

by Scott Creighton  

Clinton Plan for Haiti

 President Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, pulled the strings and put her husband in charge the billions of dollars set aside for the rebuilding of Haiti.  In most countries that would be considered a conflict of interest if not outright fraud. In this country, that might have even been considered illegal at some point in time, before the Great Neoliberal Imperialism that is.  Hell, didn’t Rod Blagojevich get kicked out of his office for merely SUGGESTING his wife “get something out of” his choice to fill Obama’s vacant senate seat?  Blago talked about the possibility, and he got impeached, but when a Clinton actually does it, actually puts her greedy globalist husband in charge of billions and billions of dollars, nobody says a word.  

 The Herald wrote that the commission would be co-chaired by the Haitian prime minister and “a distinguished senior international figure engaged in the recovery effort.” The Herald suggested that this figure would probably be former President Bill Clinton, a recent US envoy to Haiti and the husband of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  WSWS 

That’s the Globalist Camelot in action.  

 Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will co-chair a committee overseeing at least $3.8 billion in post-quake aid to Haiti, the ravaged country’s prime minister said. gaeatimes 

So what is Queen Clinton’s husband going to do first in Haiti? Well, he already talked about rebuilding their agricultural sector and admitted he was “wrong” for destroying it in the first place with his IMF trade policies. But he isn’t talking about empowering Haitian farmers to grow crops themselves in order to feed their nation… no, that task will still be left to the ultra-cheap, subsidized U.S. agribusiness conglomerates and their genetically modified products. 

Made by real, live slaves! Haitians get the HOPE, Coke gets the CASH!

No. Instead of empowering the people of Haiti to rebuild the agricultural base that Clinton himself admitted he destroyed on purpose, Slick Willy is going to take a bunch of Haitian land and give it too Coca-Cola so they can use the cheap slave-wage labor to make “Haiti Hope Juice”. 

Why not just put a picture of Obama and his HOPE poster right on the package?  Instead it seems they went with a colored hand picking a mango….  yeah, that’s a choice. I think I would have gone a different way, but what do I know. I haven’t killed any union organizers recently.

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Scott Ritter Arrested in Sex Sting;Expect More Lies About Iran

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE 1*** Well, that didn’t take long. The Heritage Foundation is already ringing the war bells with “Iranian nuclear weapons” and the old debunked “Iran is promising to wipe out Israel” bullshit. Apparently it’s all justification for a pending Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear sites. In an article published just today, the Heritage Foundation is priming the pot for yet another war in the Middle East:

The Iranian regime’s drive for nuclear weapons, rapid progress in building up its ballistic missile arse­nal, ominous rhetoric about destroying Israel, and the failure of international diplomatic efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program have potentially created a–literally–explosive situation. Israel may launch a preventive strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons infra­structure.  Heritage Foundation

The basic jist of this article is that no matter what Israel strikes, because of the lies presented about nuclear weapons, the US has to go to war with Iran to keep Israel from being defeated.

—————————- original post————————

Michael Jackson (a dancer) was a pedophile and a drug addict who gave “Jesus Juice” (wine) to children to loosen them up for molestation, and when he died from a drug overdose the media broadcast his spectacle of a funeral complete with little kids gyrating and singing over his coffin… Scott Ritter (a Marine and a UN Weapons Inspector) did everything in his power to tell the truth (and we ALL know it now) about the fake WMDs the administration was using to create support for an illegal invasion that killed Iraqis and American soldiers alike and they try to silence him by calling him… a pedophile. All so we can go to war again, based on more lies.

Michael Jackson the pedophile is framed as a hero while Scott Ritter the hero, is framed-up to be a “pedophile”.  What a country.

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Michael Madigan’s Committee Moves To Impeach Blagojevich Without Any Articles of Impeachment

by Scott Creighton

Impeachment is a form of indictment. Once the “indictment” is passed, it then goes to the other legislative body, the senate, for the actual “trial”.

Impeachment does not necessarily result in removal from office, but rather is only a legal statement of charges, parallel to an indictment in criminal law. Wiki

The articles of impeachment are the set of charges drafted against a public official to initiate the impeachment process. Wiki

The “articles of impeachment”, like the 35 presented by Dennis Kucinich against George W. Bush, or the 6 brought against Dick Cheney, are the legal basis for bringing the indictment or the impeachment proceeding. They are like the “crimes” or the “charges” brought against the person being impeached.  Without them, what is the foundation of the impeachment? Without “charges” what is the foundation of bringing someone to trial?  And is no one looking at the fact that the man spearheading this “chargeless’ impeachment proceeding is the father of someone who was Rahm Emanuel’s pick for Obama’s senate seat?

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Burris Lawyers Rightly Cite Marbury V Madison On Behalf of the Junior Senator from Illinois

by Scott Creighton

****UPDATE*** Burris will be seated

Just a quick note.  The criminality of the Gov.  Blagojevich case is getting worse.  Not Blago’s criminality, but that of Harry Reid doing the bidding of Rahm Emanuel and ultimately, Barack Obama.

roland-burris-deniedRoland Burris is the junior Senator from the state of Illinois.

He has been legally appointed by the seated governor of that state,  Rod Blagojevich.  Gov. Blagojevich has not been kept from his duties as governor and functions in that role on a daily basis.  The fact is, Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel have both been proven to have dictated their wishes to Gov. Blagojevich as they related to who they wanted Blagojevich to fill Sen. Obama’s vacant seat.

The governor chose a different person and now Harry Reid is attempting to block that legal appointment, as he puts it, in order to protect the integrity of the senate.  So, Harry Reid is committing a clear violation of the law, to protect their ‘integrity”?  More Busheque “newspeak” from the majority leader, I see.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein took an unexpected stand late today when she reversed her own position from last week, and claimed that the Senate must respect Blagojevich’s appointment.

Does the governor have the power, under law, to make the appointment? And the answer is yes,” said Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Rules Committee, which judges the credentials of senators…

Mr. Burris is a senior, experienced politician. He has been attorney general, he has been controller, and he is very well-respected. I am hopeful that this will be settled.”   AOL News

Sen. Feinstein wasn’t of this opinion last week, but apparently she did her homework (assuming she wasn’t hoping Burris’ lawyers wouldn’t do theirs) and she must have come to the same conclusions that Burris’ people did;  Roland Burris is the junior senator from the state of Illinois. Whether Rahm likes it or not.

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