How to Recognize Next Barack Obama in Real Time, Ro Khanna As A Case Study (Sane Progressive video)

Neoliberal Silicon Valley Owned Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) is the New “Alternative” Pied Piper of the Corporate Left

by Scott Creighton

When Rohit “Ro” Khanna (D-CA 17th) recently popped onto the alternative left scene, it was at a Jimmy Dore live show. Jimmy later said “Ro” flew there that day specifically to attend the event. When he was called up on stage there was already a chair and a mic waiting for him. He sat next to the comedians and the show went on with Jimmy making sure to include him in the political discussion every now and then.

That video was posted on April 27th 2017.

On May 10th, Cenk Uygur couldn’t contain his glee when he had Ro on his show and asked him if he knew what “Justice Democrats” were. Cenk said the JDs were the “strong, progressive democrats who couldn’t be corrupted by corporate and PAC money”. Ro was there to announce he was joining the fledgling political sub-party owned and operated by Cenk Uygur (of Young Turks network) and Kyle Kulinski (of Secular Talk)

Rohit is being billed as an anti-corporatism Democrat who they say wants to shake-up the system and get the old cronies out of office so he can help rebuild the Democrat Party into something that represents the workers again. He speaks the right language, he knows the right buzz-words. He’s young, he’s a minority (which is a requirement these days on the left apparently) and he’s already won a seat in the House of Representatives so he’s not starting off from scratch.

But there is something slightly off about “Ro” and you can’t quite put your finger on it when you see him live like at the Jimmy Dore Show rollout they did with this Cenk Uygur branding program.

You don’t really know what it is but something tells you… you’ve seen this movie before. You saw it in ’92 then you saw the remake in 2008.

Then it hits you. You dig a little deeper than the folks at the Young Turks network (and that includes Jimmy Dore who is also on Cenk’s payroll by the way) want you to and you find Rohit Khanna isn’t the knight in shining progressiveness that you were told he was. In fact, he’s nothing like that at all.

Then you remember “I did see this movie before and I hated it the first time, walked out in the middle of the second and now here we are and I’m not even going to pay the price of admission.”

What do they think we are? Stupid?

In a word… yes.

Ro Khanna is a fraud and I’m going to prove it to you once and for all.

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