The unDemocratic National Committee Convention Starts Tomorrow: LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!!!

by Scott Creighton

For those of you who read my RNC convention coverage, you might recall I was a little critical of it. I was critical of the ham-handed sappy WWE emotionalism they tried to provoke. I was critical of the deliberate missteps they took in order to shoot themselves in the foot at every turn. I was critical of their “CHANGE” candidate basically voicing his support for the Washington Consensus policies that created his base in the first place. I was critical of it with good reason.

But don’t be confused. I’m not one of these HillaryBots running around saying The Donald is Satan 2.0

Today over at the fake-left Huffington Post, they have a piece linked from Murdoch’s Washington Post written by chess grand master Garry Kasparov talking about how much Donald Trump reminds him of the other great boogie-man in the world today, Vladamir Putin.

One should remember Garry Kasparov backed the Ukraine color revolution… including all those damn neo-Nazis killing protesters and Ukrainian police officers on behalf of Barack Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) regime change operation.

So no, I’m not in that camp. My criticism of the RNC event was based in reality, not breathless fear-mongering hyperbole like that put out there by Killary shills.

That said, I also wrote that the upcoming unDemocratic Party convention was going to make the RNC coming out party look like an episode of Kaptain Kangaroo by comparison.

And I do not disappoint, now do I?

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My Thoughts on Day Three of the “Idiocracy” that is the Republican Convention

by Scott Creighton

“Gee. I’m surprised Ted read the speech I told him he could read. I’m so disappointed. Here’s my disappointed face”

I watched a bit of the Republican convention last night. I caught it just as the boos were fading after Ted “Televangelist” Cruz finished his lengthy monologue. The Donald’s son came next. More on that in a bit.

We switched over after watching something called “Attack the Block” which is a film about some alien dog-like creatures invading a project in south London. Ironically, I read an article this morning about conditions in London becoming Dickensonian over the last couple of years. People living in squalor and desperate for any job they can find. One woman slept in the kitchen for three years on chairs because the tile floor didn’t hold as many fleas as the rest of her crappy apartment did. It appears Britain has their new Maggie Thatcher just in time for the nation to revert back to the worst of the worst of their neoliberalized history. An invasion of hairy glowing-teethed dog thingys seems like it would be a pleasant distraction from what is really going on over there.

But don’t worry, there are still an awful lot of billionaires enjoying the high-life in Kensington Palace Gardens.

Curiously enough, the new “CHANGE” campaign of 2016 promises more of the same neoliberal economic ideology as an alternative to the current neoliberal Washington Consensus. And in case you haven’t figured out the connection, that’s the very same economic model that’s destroying London right now. And here we are cheering for it as “CHANGE”

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Trumpapalooza? DonaldMania? StuperSlam2016? No Joy in Mudville

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Question – Does anyone else think that Donald Trump is paying for his son’s future political career by throwing this election to Killary? Because the Donald Trump Jr. show last night had a very odd Obama 2004 feel to it, did it not?

Nothing of any consequence has taken place so far at the Republican National Convention this year apart from the most unpopular candidate in modern history being selected to run against an equally unpopular candidate from the “Democratic” side in the general election. At least the Dems can say, and accurately, that their disliked and distrusted pick stole the nomination. The Republicans, well, they did this to themselves.

It has been said by smarter people than myself that the only candidate that Donald Trump could beat would be Hillary Clinton and that the only Republican Hillary Clinton could beat is Donald Trump. Perhaps that explains why Hillary was allowed to steal the nomination from Sanders supporters and why she has been given a pass from the Justice Department, the State Department and the International Criminal Court (all of whom have more than enough reason and evidence to bring her up on charges).


Donald once joked that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. in broad daylight and his idiot supporters would still back him. That’s a lovely sentiment in the abstract, but he has nothing on what Hillary has actually done and gotten away with. She giggled about her proxie army shoving a knife up the rectum of a beloved national leader and her brain-dead zombiefied followers still view her as some kind of “peacemaker” because she “negotiated a ceasefire” in Gaza after the IDF finally ran out of ammunition to fire at Palestinian women and children.

Let me just say this right off the bat: Trump’s job is to secure the White House for Hillary Clinton which is not that different from what Bernie Sanders’ job became in the final stages of his campaign. He was supposed to bring the real left back into the Hillary camp that is populated by the “Republican Lite” class of Dems while Trump’s job is to alienate as many factions of the Republican party as possible and serve as the “worse of two evils” option that scares Dems into holding their noses.

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