Ralph Nader dubs Clinton ‘Hillary the hypocrite’ (video interview)

from The Hill

Ralph Nader on Thursday blasted Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton over her ties to Wall Street and other wealthy special interests.

“Hillary the hypocrite ought to open up on Broadway,” he said during a Vimeo interview with artist and activist itstheGADFLY.

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Kevin Zeese: Turn the Occupy Movement into Obama’s Serve America Act – Yeah, that’ll show the fat cats

by Scott Creighton

Kevin Zeese’s “Ode to Giving Up” is the blueprint for turning the Occupy Movement into a useless, spineless political mechanism like MoveOn dot org or the toothless and hijacked Tea Party. It is an effort by current self-proclaimed leaders of the movement to display their value to the elites by steering the angry and dispossessed back into the fold so to speak, back into the pen with the rest of the flock of sheep.

Occupy DC is dead. For all the boasting and promises by the gaggle of professional dissidents like Kevin Zeese and David “buy my books” Swanson, Occupy DC did not in fact remain in their little free speech zone until they forced “CHANGE” on the corrupt policy makers in Washington. But not too worry, in true spin doctor fashion, Zeese says that it’s still a major victory that they won but that after about two weeks the Occupy Movement (and thus the occupiers themselves) becomes a “diversion from the political objectives” that they sought in the first place. What is the nature of that diversion according to Zeese? “poverty, homelessness, inadequately treated mental illness and addiction

Junkies, loonies, and those pesky poor people, that’s the “diversion” that got in our hero’s way.

Bill O’Reilly couldn’t have said it better himself.

Kevin went on to remind people that movements take years and even decades to affect change and he did suggest a new tactic though: lawn care.

Go talk to your neighbors and rake their yard for them or shovel their sidewalks. Whatever they need. According to Zeese, doing menial manual labor for free will show those fat cats in the dusty halls of the financial industry that “WE CAN” stick it to the man.

Here’s a hint for the Occupy Movement: yes you need come up with a Plan B now that the Department of Homeland Security got together with the mayors and police chiefs to coordinate your expedited removal from their fine cities but I would seriously think twice before letting Kevin come up with it.

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Time to Topple Corporate Dictators


by Ralph Nader, Global Research

The 18 day non-violent Egyptian protests for freedom raise the question: is America next? Were Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine around, they would likely say “what are we waiting for?” They would be appalled by the concentration of economic and political power in such a few hands. Remember how often these two men warned about concentrated power.

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