Spanish Townsfolk, Our Monster: Now What Are We Going to Do About It?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 3:The French, Spanish and Greek governments all announced multibillion-euro austerity plans yesterday in the face of massive popular opposition.”

UPDATE 2: Slavery in the UK. The unemployed are being forced to work for major British corporations, for free, just so they can continue to receive their unemployment benefits. This plan is the same as one attempted here in the states, one that still has a great deal of support in congress. Imagine the profits retailers could pocket if they got free seasonal workers during the holiday buying season.

UPDATE: In Dubai, one of our close economic allies, they call slave owners “sponsors” and fine their slaves if they attempt to take their own lives when the desperation of their true situation becomes too unbearable to live with.

I found myself thrown away and I thought of my poor family back home. I felt desperate and decided I should die,” she said. The National


While Americans cheer for the return of  zebra striped officials to the NFL games today, the Spanish, the Greeks and many others across Europe are fighting for their very lives and the freedom to determine the quality of them on their own. Our apparent lack of concern is understandable when you consider that what they are desperately struggling against is in a large part, our creation. Not only is Dr. Frankenstein disinterested in the harm his creation inflicts on the people around him by choice, but the townsfolk themselves willingly turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of their neighbors in nearby villages just so long as the monster feeds elsewhere.

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Spainish Anti-Austerity Protests Spreading

by Scott Creighton

The IMF “austerity measures” are nearly the exact same thing that we have imposed on other nations for decades. They were called the “economic brick” when Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys imposed them on the people of Chile in 1973 after Kissinger and the CIA orchestrated the violent overthrow and murder of their elected president Salvador Allende on Sept. 11th, 1973.

The people of Spain are saying “no”. Let’s hope the rest of the world will as well and soon. We have to get off our asses here as well. Left cover or not, these fascists will take everything from us, no one is safe. The sooner you understand that, the better we will all be.


Pure Brutality: Riot Police in Madrid Attack Auterity Protesters

by Scott Creighton

The Dark Knight pictured this the other way around and for that I called it pure propaganda. The riot squads across the world are using brute force to repel the people of their own communities as they struggle for social and economic justice in the face of the same crushing austerity measures that Obama himself will be pushing during the lame duck session of congress this year. They were swinging away at young girls and hitting men in the back as they tried to calm the crowds.

“Skirmishes continue between protesters and riot police in Madrid, with cops firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Fourteen people have been injured and 22 arrested, local media report.

Madrid emergency services have confirmed that at least 14 people, including three policemen, have been injured in clashes between police and protesters. One of the wounded is believed to be in critical condition, according to local news.

Riot Police belted protesters, dragging some them by the arms and legs, who had tried to get through police lines. An uneasy order was restored and police have brought in reinforcements and have begun to try and disperse the crowd.

Thousands of activists have congregated in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune, 100 meters from the Congress building, to protest Spanish austerity measures.” RT



Madrid Protests Against Neoliberal Austerity Measures

by Scott Creighton

Friday night in Madrid Spain. Spaniards are protesting the worsening austerity policies of their government. Miners hiked 250 miles to Parliament in order to protest a new 63 percent cut in coal mining subsidies which they say will cost 30,000 Spanish jobs. They were joined on the last leg of the hike by thousands of Spaniards who were showing their support for the miners and protesting a new VAT increase of 3%. They already have a 21% sales tax in Spain and this increase has pushed many over the edge.

Spaniards are calling this the biggest austerity push ever and it seems the powers that be really don’t like the idea of organized labor melding with the young and young at heart, idealistic protesters. So action had to be taken.

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Photos from Barcelona, Friday, May 27, 2011

from Cryptome

Recent photos from anti-austerity measures protests in Spain.

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Videos of Police Brutality in Spain

(H/T Prison Planet)

Could you imagine the outcry if this were taking place in Iran? We would be at war in hours.

They are wearing riot gear, masks, no name tags, no faces… beating on children.

Go here to watch new videos being uploaded now.

In this video, watch the fascist thugs get chased from the square by thousands of protesters.

One of our “democratic” partners in the Global Free Market Wars shows us how they deal with protests (ie: the will of the people) when it comes to pushing their austerity measures programs on their own people.

Watch as Spain unleashes their own jack-booted thugs (dressed out like Storm Troopers in black) on young Spanish protesters.

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