Prometheus Unpackaged: Why?

by Scott Creighton

I saw Riddley Scott’s new film Prometheus this weekend. I was a big fan of his film Alien of which this is the prequel. There are many reviews out there, most of which are pleasantly negative at best and I have to ask myself “why?”

Metacritic gives it 3 stars while their readers overwhelmingly seemed to enjoy it and Rotten Tomatoes gives it only 3.5 while their readers liked it even more.

What is it about this film that makes so many would be critics wish to jump on the disparaging band wagon as if it were the next Battlefield Earth or Starship Troopers? Personally, I liked the film and found what it had to say to be rather interesting for a number of reasons which I will get to later. But first, let’s look at why many didn’t like the film and maybe from that we can figure out what is really pretty good about it.

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