AP Breaks “Project Cyber Dawn” Story – AE Wrote About it on June 6th

by Scott Creighton

The APNewsbreak story “Leaked study shows companies advised Pentagon on cyber-sabotage against Libya” covers the Unveillance plan for “Operation Cyber Dawn”, a proposal to attack Libyan oil refinery networks in an effort to cripple production and help NATO win our illegal war.

This is “breaking news” to readers of the Washington Post and Bloomberg Business who put this story up today.

Readers at American Everyman learned about it on June the 6th in an article called STUXNET Type Virus Attack Being Planned for Libya: Meet the “Unveillance Solution”

Better late than never I guess.

STUXNET Type Virus Attack Being Planned for Libya: Meet the “Unveillance Solution”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I propose a question. According to the new policy paper released by the Obama administration, if China were to hijack U.S. government computers and launch an attack against British network infrastructure, then China would be guilty of committing two acts of war: one against the British and one against the U.S. for invading and hijacking government computer networks.

Given that as one of the new definitions of “acts of war”, what are we to make of the following scenario?

The United States under the Obama administration is quite probably using a third party contractor to hijack computers and networks belonging to the people of the United States via malware and associated botnets,  in order to attack Libya network infrastructure with the purpose of disabling various energy related computer systems and helping to weaken their military resistance to NATO’s invasion.

If the first scenario is clearly defined by the Obama administration as an act of war, what is the second scenario described as? Has the Obama administration committed an act of war against the people of their own nation?

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