Mother Jones: My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard (videos)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, the reporter who went undercover is Shane Bauer, the same Shane Bauer who was probably working as a CIA Mockingbird when he was supposedly captured by Iran crossing the border illegally in July of 2009. Guess they were trying to drum up some “reporting” for Hillary on route to her planned Green Revolution in the country. I guess now we can take whatever he does with a grain of salt.

This is what privatization does for all you neoliberals, neocons, New Dems and Libertarians out there who support the idea.

Here is the Mother Jones article by the investigative journalist who put himself through this so we could see how our tax dollars are “better spent” by government in collusion with Big Business. This kid has guts. Below are the first few videos in a series of documentaries about his undercover life as a prison guard working for CCA.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: Part One

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Guess Who Else Is Fundraising for Clinton: Private Prison Lobbyists

from Common Dreams

In addition to Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is turning to lobbyists for the two biggest private prison companies in the country, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group, to raise money for her 2016 presidential candidacy.

Lee Fang of The Intercept made the discovery after examining Clinton’s list of lobbyists who are bundlers for her presidential bid, released last week. Bundlers are people who raise money for campaigns by organizing and collecting contributions from other donors.

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Prison Reform Plan is Really About Expanding Slave Labor for the Prison Industrial Complex

by Scott Creighton

I just watched John Oliver (reactionary right activism presented as left-cover comedy) do a segment on Obama’s new prison reform agenda and I was quite sickened by it. He failed to mention anything to do with the prison-industrial-complex when talking about how mandatory minimum sentencing laws were pushed over the past 30 year or so and also failed to mention the fact that the biggest supporters of this new agenda just happen to be the reactionary/neoliberal Koch brothers.

His segment uses the same heart-stringing pulling tricks any other standard propaganda utilizes including children crying because “mommy” is in jail for helping sell crack (lots of crack) to addicts, ruining their lives forever. It also used deception in that most states have repealed or at least softened mandatory minimum sentencing laws over the last decade and even California’s “three strikes” law now states someone can’t be given life unless that last strike is a serious violent crime.

I hate John Oliver. The last segment I saw of his was pushing for having the federal government ease restrictions on food “sell by” dates and give Big Business some tax money (or big tax breaks) for “donating” that outdated food to shelters or other hungry folks. Also mentioned in that little clip is the call for making it harder for someone to sue Big Business when they get sick from eating that deregulated, tax-dime paid for food they were given. That’s right: Big Business has found a way to curb some of their losses in the commercial grocery business and John Oliver is their go-to guy to help them sell it as “progressive”

The prison reform bill John Oliver alludes to, the one his segment says has the most bi-partisan support of any other legislation, is called the “Corrections Oversight, Recidivism Reduction, and Eliminating Costs for Taxpayers In Our National System Act of 2015 or the CORRECTIONS Act” by Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX] (Introduced 02/11/2015)

It should be noted that John never mentions the name of the legislation, probably because the producers at his HBO show don’t want his “progressive” listeners to look it up and read a little bit about it.

Here’s the “correction”: it establishes a system by which EVERY PRISON must make contact with “private entities” in order to establish what they call “recidivism reduction programs” and the prisoners who are mandated to participate will work for those “private entities” for low or next to no pay in exchange for a slight reduction in their sentence.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is slave labor.

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Obama Uses Lame Clemency Stunt to Push for Koch Brothers’ Prison Reform Plan

by Scott Creighton

Koch’s Have a Change of Heart or a New Plantation Plan from President Peace Prize?

Today we have somewhere around 2.25 million people in prisons across the country, many of them privatized, for-profit institutions. Since the early days of privatization of this sector of government service, lawmakers have taken legislation directly from the hands of lobbyists working for the very companies that profit from the prison-industrial-complex and rushed it to their various state houses in order to set draconian mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines all in the name of “getting tough on crime”

If you want an example of how making government “run like a business” doesn’t work, just consider the fact that the United States represents a mere 5% of the world’s population while we lock-up 25% of all the prisoners in the world and many of them are locked up for extended periods of time for non-violent crimes in which there were no victims.

It is a shameful display of how corrupt politicians who are bought off by various corporate interests work diligently to make the people suffer while they and their benefactors enrich themselves.

That’s what happens when you make “government run like a business” or, to put it more accurately, make “government serve business”

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