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I’ll Be Away from the Website for a Day or So

by Scott Creighton

Hi everyone. I’m having computer issues and wont be posting much today or tomorrow. Currently I am checking Twitter, email and MakerSupport status on Jan10’s system. I am hoping to be back up and running very soon.

Thanks for all the kind words about Grumpy. He’s buried in his favorite spot under a tree in the side yard next to Newt. You guys helped us through it and I thank you all for that.

The only MakerSupport status change is now Stripe is also ignoring my attempts at communication. I guess they didn’t like it when I pointed out that all this time they could and should have noticed Conner Douglass’ criminal behavior, they were collecting 5% of every donation so that might tend to lead some to suspect it was a sort of incentive for them to look the other way. hmmm?


Screw em.

I will be back as soon as possible. I found those comments WP ate. I will check on the site today a couple times just to make sure it hasn’t happened again.

See you guys in a bit.

p.s. Thank you Nancy and Citizen 37. I received you letters yesterday. Thank you very much. I will email you in a day or so.

What is Going On With MakerSupport?

Does anybody have any insight into what might be happening with my donations and available balance at MakerSupport? Their PAYOUT button seems to be giving me the finger.

I am waiting to hear back from STRIPE, Connor Douglass and MakerSupport “support” but so far… nothing.

Is this another Skrill developing right before our eyes? Inquiring minds want to know before they ask their supporters to trust this company with their bank account information and their hard earned dollars.

If you have any insight please let me know because the button over at Maker Support offers no clues and they have yet to respond to my support requests.

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DONATION DRIVE – Please Help Jan10 and the Furry Family of AE

UPDATE: Her account needs to be verified. will take 2-3 days… DONATION links to my MAKERSUPPORT account in the meantime

Due to developing circumstances, this will probably be the last DONATION request I am going to post.

(I will explain more on that at a later date)

But right now things are as bad as they have ever been for me, Jan10 and the rest of my furry family.

You can click on THIS LINK to make a one time donation to help us all through this terribly difficult time and keep us up and running.

My Patreon account is still active but in all honesty I may shut it down next month depending on how things work out with what I mentioned before.



Reuters Contacts Gateway Pundit for Interview – Tells Us We’re Being Sued – Then Won’t Tell Us How They Knew About It

(This is the same lawsuit that I am named in and the same reporter who contacted me this past weekend and whom I spoke with yesterday. And I also asked her how it was she came to have advanced knowledge of this event before it was even filed in federal court. Julia Harte is working as the PR wing of this particular assault on independent journalism. That much is clear. Thank you Lo for the tip)

by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

Remember: There is no space between the DNC and the liberal mainstream media.

Reuters reporter Julia Harte wrote The Gateway Pundit this past weekend and wanted interview us.

She insisted on a phone call so today I took the time to answer Julia’s questions. I knew this would liklely not be a fair interview from the content of her email. I knew she was working on a hit piece on The Gateway Pundit. But I agreed to speak with her anyway. I informed her I would be recording the call.

Julia opened the interview by informing me that a former State Department employee and chief of staff of a far left House representative will be suing The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.

The man is upset about and article we wrote about him. He claims he was threatened and traumatized and wants $75,000 according to Julia from Reuters….

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So Now They are Using the Federal Court to Attack Bloggers… Specifically… Me

by Scott Creighton

It’s apparently not enough to use Google and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube to attack people out here in blogland who dare ask questions and think for themselves. You know “fake news”

No, now they are going to start filing defamation lawsuits in federal court against certain writers and journalists in hopes that they can “refine ourselves as a country to avoid the worst.”

The “worst” meaning a repeat of 2016 when this individual’s candidate of choice lost to a candidate as weak as Donald Trump because folks like myself were writing about how corrupt and revolting she was.

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How to Contact/Follow and SUPPORT American Everyman

I have THREE new accounts set up for folks who want to support my work with a one-time donation. Thanks very much.


more after break

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