House Dems Pressured To Drop Funding For Schools, Students To Pay For Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan

(The Clinton Party (“New Dems”) taking money from the school systems and sending it to the partying war contractors of Afghanistan and the new slave owners setting up shop in Haiti (with Slick Willy))…

by Andrew Taylor, AP

After a take-it-or-leave-it vote by the Senate, House Democrats face little choice but to drop billions in aid for schools, college students and others that they had hoped could ride on legislation paying for President Barack Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan.

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The Good War: Pentagon’s “BUSINESS Task Force” Announces Plans to Steal Afghanistan’s Natural Resources

by Scott Creighton

Ah, the Good War in Afghanistan. You know, Iraq and Pakistan and Yemen and soon Iran… all those “wars” were based on lies… we know that. But at least we know “The Good War” was about 9/11, right?

They aren’t even trying to continue the charade anymore. The marriage of the corporation and the government is right out in the open in today’s New York Times as they pretty much announce that the Pentagon is nothing more than the enforcement division of the combined mergers and acquisitions department of a few hundred of the nation’s leading businesses. 

Apparently we have stuck it out in Afghanistan longer than any other war in history because, hell, the Pentagon Business Task Force found trillions of dollars worth of minerals like lithium, copper, and GOLD littered all over the country and goddamn it, they are going to get it no matter how many poor people have to die in the process.

But Afghanistan is The Good War… and don’t you ever say otherwise.

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