The Real Legacy of the Regressive Barack Obama: The Micro-nukes of Pax Americana Unleashed (JFK Wept)

by Scott Creighton

In so many ways since he became president back in early 2008, our “progressive” instrument of “CHANGE” has proven he is certainly not progressive nor did he ever have any desire to “CHANGE” any of the Bush administration policies set in stone before he took office.

The TARP bailouts continued unabated, the Middle Class is still shrinking along with the banking industry, Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform remains a top priority of the Obama administration, our soldiers still fight and die in illegal wars started by “W” and Dick in Iraq and Afghanistan, the national security state continues to expand via assistance from Big Business, drones are still killing more and more dissidents and trouble-makers in our conquered countries across the world, whistle-blowers are prosecuted without mercy at an ever increasing rate, no one is held accountable for war-crimes or corporate crimes here in America and thanks to the work of people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, we’ve been able to check off a couple of those “7 countries in 5 years,” that “W” and Dick wanted so badly.

And the corporate Bill of Rights that is the TPP and the TTIP are waiting in the wings for the lame ducks of December.

No, Barack Obama is no JFK. That was just more false advertising.

We Americans should be used to that by now.

When news organizations are allowed to lie to you because it’s considered an exercise of their free speech, the sky’s the limit when it comes to deception. So we shouldn’t be surprised the Marketing Campaign of the Year 2008 turned out to be a total fraud.

Of course, John F. Kennedy was no JFK either. His record certainly doesn’t live up to his mythology if you take the time to study history a little. He continued that little Special Ops unconventional war in Vietnam for quite a while and did his level best to regime change Cuba during his short stint in the Oval Office. He had his little indiscretions, gave top positions to his family members and generally enjoyed being the Left Cover Celebrity King for a while, just like Clinton and Obama after him.

But there is one important difference: he got tired of being lied to by his military advisers and the CIA.

So when those lies nearly brought us to a real nuclear war (not the pretend one the Cold War was all about selling us) … John F. Kennedy became JFK.

And for that, they killed him.

In what is perhaps the most telling difference between the regressive Barack Obama and the progressive version of the latter years of John F. Kennedy, today we have officially entered the New Cold War by removing one of greatest banes of the ruling elite: the fear of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

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