Paul O’Neal Shooting in Chicago: So Much for Body Cams and We Need to Stop These Dangerous Chases After Stolen Cars

by Scott Creighton

When they were pushing for hundreds of millions of dollars for police body-cams in order to make policing more “transparent” I wrote that they would NEVER aid a suspect in an investigation, only law enforcement. I remember writing over a year ago that the videos would ALWAYS turn up “missing” when they didn’t serve the interest of the police department while they would ALWAYS be available if they presented the officers in a good light.

With the recent release of videos involving the shooting death of Paul O’Neal in Chicago last Thursday, my hypothesis proved accurate.

What they released was some body-cam footage of officers firing into a car, supposedly reported stolen, being driven by 18-year-old Paul O’Neal as he drove past a road-block set up in a residential area of Chicago. They released that footage because technically they could claim O’Neal was threatening the lives of the officers by driving past the road block. The car he was driving brushed past two marked cruisers and came pretty close to officers who had gotten out of those vehicles. He didn’t appear to target the officers but rather seemed to be trying to get away. Oddly enough, the only time an officer was in real danger was when one officer was firing at O’Neal in the Jag and another officer was standing on the other side of the car. That cop could easily have been hit by the first.

As you can see, that video was released because they knew they could spin it and tell the public Paul was a danger to officers and that’s why he was shot. Unfortunately for the PR department in the police department, O’Neal died of multiple gunshot wounds to the back… so that body-cam footage had to go bye-bye.

Oh. Did I mention Paul was unarmed and fleeing on foot at the time he was shot.. IN THE FUCKING BACK?

Yeah, there is that.

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