Allen West: If You Want to Free Palestine… Give it Back to the Jews

(H/T Kennys SideShow)

Wow. Just fucking… wow.

Allen West (R.22nd District FL) explains how “God” proclaimed the boundaries of Israel in the Old Testament. Then he goes on to say “Take Your Pro-Hamas Butt and Get the Hell Out of My Country apparently directed at people in this country who support Palestinian rights.  This was just a few days ago.

“It is not time for appeasement, it is not time negotiations, it is not time for compromise. Every time “we” give them land, they want more. … you are dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing; a return of the Holocaust. That will not happen as long as there is breath in my lungs. There will never be anything other than the nation of Israel that occupies these boundaries that are set by the words here we have in the bible and the Torah. Educate yourselves and everyone else… that everyone over there… the land belongs to the Jewish people. It was taken from them by the Romans in 70 AD, you want to do what is right? Give it back to the Jewish people.” Allen West (R.22nd District FL)

This you gotta see.

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American Radical – The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

A famous English aristocrat once said that if a person were to walk down the streets of London telling the truth to people he met, he would probably be killed before he went a couple hundred meters.” Noam Chomsky

Part 1

This past week one of Israel’s main television networks broadcast the documentary AMERICAN RADICAL three times. An old Israeli friend wrote to ask whether it had been shown in the U.S. I had to smile.” Norman Finkelstein 

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Norman Finkelstein: Israel being exposed and feels threatened

Educating Jon

by Scott Creighton

Absent the naive expectation of any meaningful catharsis on the part of Jon Stewart (after all “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding itUpton Sinclair), the ambition of the following revelations rests primarily in the “hearts and minds” of his audience.  Make no mistake about it, whether by absence of conscious or by sloppy investigational practices (both equally inexcusable), Jon Stewart is peddling neoconservative propaganda disguised as “insightful liberal comedy” and the intended outcome of that propaganda, quite simply, is to create an atmosphere in Progressive America conducive to actions resulting in dire consequences to people all over the world. There will be blood.

Without my having to resort to breathless hyperbole (again), simply allow me to say that in these difficult and dangerous times, Jon Stewart’s cavalier attitude about the deliberately misleading and  inaccurate messages he gives to his audience is so remarkably hypocritical that any self-respecting liberal must either publicly call him to account for his recent behavior, or simply leave him to rot in his own cesspool of deceit. And as his Nielsen ratings drop because his progressive audience has grown tired of hearing his neocon talking points glibly regurgitated and as his network, Comedy Central (Viacom), begins to consider less prominent roles for Stewart in their organization, it is reasonable to expect an entirely new production direction to be laid out for the Daily Show (a “retooling” if you will), complete with a drastically improved vetting process by their writing staff minus the Karl Rovian talking points circa 2003. 

The “market” is a terrible and powerful thing and understanding its nature can be quite useful.

In the ‘news” business and the “fake news” business alike (aren’t both “fake” anyway?), the key to sustainable marketability and ratings points/share growth is credibility. Without it, you have nothing. Without credibility you have no “trust” and without “trust” you have declining market share (Just ask Goldman Sachs what stock value they place in “trust” as they squirm and wiggle from one congressional committee investigation to the next).  It is that declining market share which will ultimately facilitate the title of this article. It is not within this writer’s limited purview to compel one such as Jon Stewart to forgo his darker vocation, but it is well within yours.

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Gaza’s Calm Determination

by Norman Finkelstein, Information Clearinghouse

To preserve my sense of purpose, and keep the Palestine struggle from becoming a lifeless abstraction, I need periodically to recharge my moral batteries by reconnecting with the actual people living under occupation and by witnessing firsthand the unfolding tragedy. From each trip I invariably carry away a handful of stark images that I fix in my mind’s eye to dispel the occasional hesitations about staying the course. When the memories begin to fade I know it is time to return.

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