Noam Chomsky Talk from 1997 on Neoliberalism & the Global Order

This is the complete talk (excluding the Q&A) of Noam Chomsky speaking at Yale University on February 25, 1997.

Chomsky Stands with Kurdish Terrorists in “Rojava” in Support of Globalist “Greater Kurdistan” Project

Every now and then I have to rant about Noam Chomsky and what a neoliberal sellout he’s become. This time he deserves it more than any other.

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Unbelievably, Noam Chomsky says Trump Might “change the country instantly” with a False Flag Because… He’s Feeling Unpopular

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Greg) Alex Jones has gone full fascist with his reply to this ridiculous statement from Chomsky. Not only does he support the notion of “crazed Muslim terrorists’ committing acts of terror here in the states but he then goes so far as to try to link “the left” with the “Islamofascists”

“The real false flag is opening Europe up to Islamic invaders and then using that crisis to revoke the liberties and freedoms of the people in those nations who are fighting for their very survival. The real false flag is allowing thousands of unvetted Islamist “refugees” into the United States with the same aim – to merge the left with Islamofascism.” Di$info Jone$

Benjamin Netanyahu could not have said it better.

Personally I have gone back and forth on Noam Chomsky’s stance on false flags in the past. It’s not like he doesn’t know of their existence and the long history of the use of such tactics in the past, but he’s been very critical of individuals like myself who raise serious questions about the official story of 9/11 and the events that led up to it. Which is the purpose of a controlled opposition asset like Chomsky.

I don’t hold people to some litmus test like others do. Chomsky had a very long career of activism spanning decades before 9/11 and was one of the first pro-Palestinian activists in this country to take a public stand against the apartheid state of Israel. He has been a staunch anti-empire/ anti-war activist, researcher and writer since before I was born and he stood up to the globalization movement before it had a name and long before most current activist’s parents were born.

All that said, I have recently been very disappointed in his behavior. This is my disclaimer I guess.

As you can tell, my objections to Chomsky’s actions are primarily based on his tacit support of current or previous regime change operations. I didn’t really apply a litmus test to the man after he dismissed legitimate questions and research from the Truth community about 9/11 which show, in my opinion, that 9/11 was the ultimate false flag.

And even though I don’t suggest that every activist must share my conclusions about 9/11 before I consider them to be authentic, I did take exception to Chomsky’s categorization of those of us who question what happened that day and his overly simplistic dismissal of the mountains of evidence collected by various researchers over the years.

Seven years ago I reminded Noam and his detractors that he hasn’t always had such an opinion on 9/11 and in fact, it may have changed altogether.

So Noam hasn’t always been what he is now: a shadow of his former self. And perhaps I give him too much credit for the man he once was like a football fan backing his team’s aging star quarterback long after father time has rendered his unavoidable verdict.

That said, yesterday Alternet reported on an interview they did with Chomsky in which he said Trump might stage a false flag because his popularity rating is going down. Of all the ridiculous regime change backing crap I have heard from Chomsky over the years, this one takes the cake… and unfortunately it’s our country he’s helping destabilize.

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Wow. Wanna See Noam Chomsky Lie About Syria and Assad? (shades of his support of the Yugoslavia regime change operation)

by Scott Creighton

Fuck Noam Chomsky. I’m going to go out and buy a Chomsky book so I can piss on it and burn it. Fuck you Noam, you lying piece of shit.

EF: To what extent is the US administration responsible for Syria’s implosion?

NC: It’s hard to say. The Assad regime is absolutely monstrous and responsible for a large majority of the atrocities. IS is another monstrosity. The al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front is not much better than IS, while some of the other major groups are closely linked to it. The Kurdish groups have succeeded in defending their own territory and establishing a more or less decent system within. And then there are various other groups – local militias and parts of the original reform movement and some other more democratic elements. AlterNet

Hard to say? Really? It’s hard to say how much ObamaGod is responsible for the regime change operation taking place in Syria right now? Really? Assad is “monstrous” and bares responsibility for a “large majority” of the atrocities? Are you stupid? Every day SANA publishes new stories about those “democratic elements” firing more rockets into civilian population centers killing men, women and children with impunity. And the Kurds? Even the fucking Kurds say they are ethnically cleansing the areas they wish to take from the Syrian people for Greater Kurdistan and this cocksucker says they are “defending their own territory”? Who are they defending their territory from? KurdISIS™? The ones they let leave Manbij so they could head north to the next town they planned to destabilize and take for themselves? And is that the “more or less decent system” he’s talking about, the rule of the neoliberal puppet Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan?

What a piece of shit Noam Chomsky is. No wonder the defense contractor MIT keeps him on the payroll. He’s never met a globalist “humanitarian intervention” regime change operation run by a Democratic president that he didn’t like.

Hey Noam, go fuck yourself.

(sorry about the language folks, but this asshole pisses me off)

Noam Chomsky Jumps on Board the Turkish Regime Change Bandwagon – Next Stop, Greater Kurdistan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So, we have Di$info Jone$ and Noam Chomsky working on this bi-partisan issue. Now let’s add former NASA employee and believer of the official Pentagon 9/11 story, Mike Rivero, to the mix.

And if Edrogan chooses genocide, it will create an absolute civil war in Turkey.”

Look at that. He talks about Erdogan committing “genocide” and the coming Turkish “civil war”. Where have we heard that kind of talk before? Hmmm….


Featured prominently on Di$info Jone$’ Israel-backed website is an article from RT about how the great Noam Chomsky is calling out Turkish President Recep Erdogan as being the sole reason for all the violence and instability in his country, saying he’s waging a “war” against his own people, the Kurds in the south east, so he can make himself a dictator.

“The responsibility for the present self-inflicted crisis in the country must lie squarely with Erdogan, who perceives the Kurds – whether it is the HDP [the pro-Kurdish, left-leaning party that gained 81 seats at the last election], the PYD in Syria or the PKK [the separatist Kurdish Workers’ Party] – as obstacles to his plan to establish supreme rule for the Turkish presidency.

“With the sieges imposed on their communities in the southeast, Turkey has effectively declared war on its own people. This current crisis is manufactured and totally unnecessary. It demonstrates once again that Erdogan is a deeply divisive force.” Noam Chomsky and Immanuel Wallerstein

As I have stated in the past and shown many times, the conflict in south east Turkey is related to those in Iraq and Syria but not by “ISIS”.

The plan, as laid out in several official journals and even recent conferences held in New York and Iraqi Kurdistan, is all about nation building. A Greater Kurdistan is waiting in the wings. A country, to be run much like Saudi Arabia, by the corrupt, neoliberal Barzani clan in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Fuck Noam Chomsky: The Sellout is Helping Push for Regime Change in Turkey for Israel’s Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

Noam Chomsky can kiss my ass. I’ve tried to be forgiving when the guy says what he says about 9/11 or JFK for far too long. I gave him credit for a lifetime of activism and some of the most important critical writing regarding the inner working of deep state politics any US writer has ever produced. But it’s time I gave up on the notion that he is anything more than a scared, old sellout who isn’t even a shadow of the man he once was.

I write this today because I came across an article written by Chomsky and some globalist hack and UNESCO Mockingbird named Christophe Deloire which used almost every single regime change buzzword they could come up with in order to demonize Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for cracking down on the inflammatory, destabilizing “journalism” being produced in Turkey by globalist, for-profit media outlets serving the West’s regime change agenda.

Look, I believe in free press. Obviously. But when these globalist assets start using their media outlets to incite internal discord by publishing outright lies in order to make the popular government look evil, you don’t get to screech about the loss of the “free press”

This is what institutions pushing Hillary Clinton’s “soft power” did in places like Iran during the Green Revolution, Russia in the lead-up to the last election and in Ukraine just prior to the neo-Nazis taking over the country with the help of the likes of George Soros.

And if anybody understands how this fucking shit works, it’s Noam Chomsky. He literally wrote the book on “Manufacturing Consent”

Recent developments have made it perfectly clear that the Obama administration has decided to give up on the 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria with the caveat that they be allowed to bust off a piece of the country, the north eastern part, as a “safe zone” for the Kurds.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s one third of the Greater Kurdistan project right there and next, they have to take a little piece of Turkey to see it completed.

Enter the piece of shit Noam Chomsky to prepare the fake left for that regime change operation.

This is disgusting. Let’s take his little ideological treason one step at a time, shall we?

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Noam Chomsky on the Iranian Deal (video) and My Comments

by Scott Creighton

In this first video, it seems hard for Noam Chomsky to get his point across to al Jazeera’s Antonio Mora. That’s because it’s next to impossible for someone to learn something if their paycheck depends on them not learning it as is the case with Mr. Mora. And no, al Jazeera isn’t the truth-telling outlet they once were when they were the only news agency reporting on the Egyptian revolution back in 2011.

And here’s my take on this:

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