Nice Attack: “Whistle-blower” Threatened with Lawsuit, Attack at Weak-point in Security, Potential Motive for FF Event Uncovered

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: By the way… how did the suspect know there would be a weak point in the security at that entrance when he rented the vehicle and picked up his fake grenades and guns? I mean, if the national police were on the scene, just at the end of the run, how did he know that spot would be undefended when he planned this whole thing? Just asking.

(Computer is running smoothly but my chest hurts again so this will be brief. Sorry)

I read an article from Russia Today which seems to answer a few questions for me and opens up a new line of inquiry regarding the Nice Truck attack which took place on July 14th and supposedly claimed the lives of 84 people.

As I have already pointed out, the “journalist” (Richard Gutjahr) who just happened to be on that balcony facing the start of the attack and just happened to be filming the scene with his Iphone, is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer with ties to global management behemoth, McKinsey & Company. This company has well established ties to the CIA and as I pointed out years ago, they also have their fingerprints all of the Malala psyop. This “witness journalist’s” wife, Einat Wilf , is also a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy   which focuses on all things Israel in the heart of our nation’s capital.

It should also be noted that another key “witness” at the scene of the attack is one Eric Drattell. He’s an American living in London and working for Risk Management Solutions Limited. They have a branch that does what they call “terrorism modeling“. Mr. Drattell has been all over the corporate media telling his story to anyone with a camera. Mr. Drattell must feel very comfortable in front of the cameras as he lists this as part of his resume “Responsible for public relations and internal communications, which integrate messaging across media platforms

McKinsey & Company has offices in Paris. Back in 2012, McKinsey & Company was focused on the neoliberal transformation of France in the wake of the banker-conscripted global economic demolition they staged for just such outcomes. To them,it was a wonderful thing. They had been calling for “smaller gubment” in France for years. McKinsey & Company have had senior partners “advising” the French government for years.

Keeping all of that in mind, this new article from RT tells us a great deal about what’s going on in the wake of the Nice attack without intending to do so in my opinion.

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French Authorities to Destroy CCTV Videos of Nice Attack to “Keep “ISIS” from Winning”

by Scott Creighton (H/T CS)

I’m not exactly sure what this means but a reader sent me a link to a French publication, Le Figaro, which has an article about what appears to be an order demanding officials to erase all of the surveillance videos from the Nice attack which occurred on July 14th of this year.

They want officials to destroy not only the videos of the vehicle running through the crowd hitting all those pedestrians but apparently they want the earlier videos destroyed as well, the one showing what led up to the carnage. The preparation.

According to a quote from the article, this is the first time these specific French authorities have been asked to destroy evidence in an ongoing investigation.

The excuse they give for this dramatic and rather suspicious move is that they don’t want someone to leak any of the videos because “ISIS” might get a hold of them and use them for propaganda infomercials.

I have used Google Translate to come up with this very rough partial translation.

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Nice Truck Attack: “He must have been radicalized quickly because there is no evidence of him being radicalized”

by Scott Creighton

When you run a Geo-political analytical website like this one and you come up against logic like this, it just makes you tired. Immediately irrevocably tired. Tired deep down to your bones. Tired like a 14-hour shift and a 1 hour commute tired. Tired, tired.

“(France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls) added that the investigation was yet to prove the fact, but French officials were certain of the terrorist’s sudden turn into Islamism as he never had any “jihadist past.” Sputnik International

Why am I suddenly reminded of Donald Rumsfeld talking about the “known unknowns” or the WMDs “north, south, east and west of Baghdad”?

The Glorious and Honest Prime Minister of France was reacting to the telegram from ISIS™ which popped up yesterday claiming the truck driver in the Nice attack was their soldier.

Apparently that’s all the proof they need in France. Some random telegram send from some random, unverified ISIS™ propaganda outlet to the MSM propaganda outlets and not to some official law enforcement source which could vet it and determine if it was real.

And from that rock solid “evidence” the French Prime Minister himself decides to take his conclusions to the people:

Saturday morning’s claim by Islamic State [Daesh] and the fast radicalization of the killer confirm the nature of this attack,” Valls told the French Le Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper in an interview.

I have always told the truth about terrorism: a war is underway, there will be more attacks. It’s hard to say, but other lives will be lost,” he stressed. Sputnik International

So lets say ISIS™ sends another telegram saying Donald Trump is their glorious leader making Brownshirts Bikers for Trump ready for Sharia Law… what do we do? Arrest Trump? Drone the bikers? Is that really the measure of the standard burden of proof in the West these days? A random unconfirmed telegraph… from a fucking enemy? Really?

The truck driver is reported to have not been very religious, was a womanizer, was NEVER seen praying… and had a bunch of fake guns and grenades in his truck.

“Authorities later found an ID and bank card identifying Lahouaiej Bouhlel inside the truck, along with two pistols, two fake assault weapons..” Huffington Post

“the Telegraph reported that an inactive grenade and fake rifles were in the truck. …. All the other guns he had were fake or replica guns..” Heavy

Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel beat his wife and never went to … the guns found in the van were fake and the grenade inoperableDaily Mail

Let me say that again… he wasn’t religious and had FAKE GUNS IN HIS TRUCK.

Oh yeah… and apparently he had no ties to ISIS™.

All of that and the French authorities are “certain of the terrorist’s sudden turn into Islamism

Fake guns, not religious, no ties to ISIS™… WHAT KIND OF ISIS™ TERRORIST IS THAT!?!

What kind of terrorist has fake fucking guns? I’ll tell you what kind of terrorist has fake fucking guns… A FAKE FUCKING TERRORIST HAS FAKE FUCKING GUNS, THAT’S WHAT KIND.

Oh God, I’m so goddamned tired. I’m sorry. Sorry. I lose control sometimes.

It’s just so Goddamned stupid…

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Nice Truck Attack: POOF! Proof it’s ISIS™ from Rita Katz (no Sharpie confession required)

by Scott Creighton

When the FBI was busy “investigating” the Boston Bombing by “questioning” the remaining brother, they “coaxed” from him a confession of sorts but the courts said it wasn’t admissible because it was provided under duress and without legal council.

Suddenly! POOF! A manifesto appeared on the hull of the little boat he was hiding in, written in black Sharpie ink. No one had seen it before as they were scouring the crime scene for days after the shootout on the little 15′ dingy.

How fortuitous.

Well… guess what?

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Nice Truck Attack: The Odd Story of Womanizing Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel and His Fake Guns and Grenades

by Scott Creighton

Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel has been identified as the driver of the delivery truck that ran over a bunch of people in Nice, France last night killing 84 and wounding a number of others as it cut a 1.3 mile long path of destruction through tourists celebrating Bastille Day on the French coast.

As various war-mongers and Islamaphobes screech about “ISIS” and shipping Muslims out of the country, some interesting facts about this event and the suspect are being unearthed.

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Nice Truck Attack: Reactionary French State of Emergency Extended, Gladio Success Achieved

by Scott Creighton

Back on Nov. 17, 2015, I wrote about French president Hollande demanding a change to the French constitution which would effectively allow the government to strip anyone of their constitutional rights if they were merely suspected of terrorist ties. He pushed for this following the attacks in Paris that month. Here is how the Huffington Post covered it:

During a rare trip to the Palace of Versailles Monday French President François Hollande called on lawmakers to change France’s constitution in order to better protect the country.

Hollande referred to article 36 of the charter as outdated, and asked that parliament change it to give the government greater power without needing to resort to a state of emergency.

“We are at war, this new kind of war demands a constitution that can manage a state in crisis,” he said.

He announced that he is submitting a proposal to extend the state of emergency by three months and asked parliament to vote on it before the end of the week.

He also suggested enacting a law that would revoke French citizenship from anyone linked to terrorist attacks, however he didn’t elaborate on how this law would be applied. Huffington Post

In May of this year, the French parliament voted to extend the state of emergency by two months. It was scheduled to end on the 26th of July. Now, that’s not going to happen. With the TTIP waiting in the wings and thoughts of a Frexit whispering around the country, the emergency laws provide the French establishment all the tools they need to squash such notions before they become another French Revolution.

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Nice Truck Attack Video (aftermath)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Donald has decided to postpone his announcement tomorrow of his vice presidential running mate. They will eviscerate him for this. They will say he didn’t want his limelight to be stolen by the victims from Nice, France. Usually, when a candidate picks a VP, it’s the headline story for a week. Given this attack, The Donald has decided to hold off until Nice falls from the front page. They will destroy him in the MSM for this. talk about throwing the election.

I’m not exactly sure what has happened at this point, but here is a video of the aftermath. A little gruesome. Wouldn’t you know it… all the race baiting died down and folks started talking about Hillary the criminal again and suddenly, POW, some other terrorist attack to monopolize the headlines. They were also recently talking about Hollande spending $11,000 tax-payer dollars on his hair every month just yesterday. And POOF.. all gone.

I cannot confirm the authenticity of the video but it looks like the same place being shown on MSM outlets right now.