Nice Truck Attack Video (aftermath)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Donald has decided to postpone his announcement tomorrow of his vice presidential running mate. They will eviscerate him for this. They will say he didn’t want his limelight to be stolen by the victims from Nice, France. Usually, when a candidate picks a VP, it’s the headline story for a week. Given this attack, The Donald has decided to hold off until Nice falls from the front page. They will destroy him in the MSM for this. talk about throwing the election.

I’m not exactly sure what has happened at this point, but here is a video of the aftermath. A little gruesome. Wouldn’t you know it… all the race baiting died down and folks started talking about Hillary the criminal again and suddenly, POW, some other terrorist attack to monopolize the headlines. They were also recently talking about Hollande spending $11,000 tax-payer dollars on his hair every month just yesterday. And POOF.. all gone.

I cannot confirm the authenticity of the video but it looks like the same place being shown on MSM outlets right now.