3 Major Problems in Criminal Complaint Against Sayfullo Saipov and Lionel Nation’s Orwellian Idea

The invisible black bag, the note that doesn’t say what we are told it says and the mightily convenient 2nd cell phone with all that crucial “ISIS” evidence. Couple that with calls from “alternative” commenters like Lionel Nation for televised video “confessions” ala 1984 and you got yourself a real winner with this case.

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New York Truck Attack, Tampa, GWOT, “ISIS™” and the Desire for a New AUMF: What Does it All Mean?

Terrorism? Yes. But terrorism from whom? That’s the question.

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What We Know About the “Tampa Man” Who’s Attack in New York Will Help Mattis and Tillerson Get Their New AUMF

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: They are now saying they “found” social media accounts, NOT IN HIS NAME, that have “ISIS™” related material on them. How much more proof do you need? I guess Facebook, Google and Twitter better get started “cleaning up” the internet.

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On  Monday Oct. 30th, Sec. of Defense Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson went before a congressional committee and begged them to pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) which would grant them the ability to wage an endless war (no time restraints. Mattis said a limit would “embolden the enemy”) anywhere on the planet against anyone they deemed an enemy.

The new AUMF is expected to be a difficult vote in congress at this time. Congress is divided even among parties and we have been using the old one (drafted after 9/11) since 2002. But that one says we are at war with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates… and as we all know… we have been partnering with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates in places like Libya and Syria and the new enemies may not be associated with that old boogeyman so an updated law is required in order to continue with Dick Cheney’s “long war”, “thousand year war”

Less than 24 hours after Mattis and Tillerson made their plea to congress for endless war against anyone, anywhere… New York suffered what is being called a terrorist attack. It is the first such attack supposedly linked to “ISIS™” since Jan. 6th 2017 (still the Obama administration)

What a coincidence, huh?

Supposedly the attacker rented a vehicle (a Home Depot pick-up truck) and drove down a street on the west side of Manhattan striking pedestrians and bikers on a bike path killing 8 people and injuring a number of others. He was chased briefly carrying a paintball gun and a BB gun before supposedly being shot in the stomach and captured. He was taken alive and is expected to fully recover from his wound. There is video of this part of the event.


It sure seems like he wasn’t really in a rush to get away now doesn’t it?

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Day After Mattis and Tillerson Ask Congress for More Endless War EVERYWHERE… “ISIS” Strikes New York

Tillerson and Mattis want a blank check to wage war anywhere and everywhere they want FOREVER. So they ask congress and it doesn’t look like they are going to get it. Next day “ISIS” strikes for the first time since Jan. 6th 2017.

Any questions?

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