New Jersey Governor Protects Net Neutrality, Sues the FCC

The FCC is Suspiciously Blocking Investigation Into Comment Fraud (Humanist Report video)

The FCC is not just refusing to comply with the New York state Attorney General’s investigation into widespread comment fraud committed during the FCC’s net neutrality repeal comment period; they’re actively blocking it. Something is not right here, and it may point to a sign of culpability of someone at the FCC that Chairman Ajit Pai is covering for—or worse—he’s trying to shield himself from guilt.

FCC Net Neutrality Hearing Stopped by Security (full commission hearing to that point w/ my commentary and ranting)

by Scott Creighton

As anticipated, they just voted to end net neutrality protections for a free and open internet. After a brief security pause, Ajit Pai resumed to his diatribe of tortured reasoning to explain why he was voting to bolster Big Telecom’s profit margins by ending the title 2 classification of the internet and the net neutrality regulations that have been in place for the past two years.

The two women on the commission voted to preserve the regulations while all of the men voted to remove them in favor of ALEC and Big Telecom.

What follows is a video of the hearing including the statements by the four commissioners and half of Ajit Pai’s leading up to the point where they were forced to leave the room. I did not reengage the recording after that.

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Ted Cruz’ Preemptive Assault on the Internet’s Public Option on Behalf of Big Telecom

So much for State’s Rights huh Ted? So much for fewer Big Gubmint regulations. Its funny how quickly he will abandon those principles of his when his friends in Big Business ask him to.

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Lionel Nation’s Litany of Lies in Support of Ajit Pai’s Neoliberal Repeal of Net Neutrality

Lionel let his AIPAC show the other day and today he lets his ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) out as he LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH about the upcoming net neutrality vote at the FCC. To Lionel, Ajit Pai is the next best thing to a hero we got.

I wonder if he gets a paycheck directly from ALEC or if they route it through a second party.

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Bill Clinton’s Attack on Net Neutrality Brought to You by… Donald Trump and Ajit Pai

No it is not a wonder that Ajit Pai is praising neoliberal Bill Clinton’s internet deregulation model these days. Ajit is nothing more than the latest extension of the Washington Consensus’ neoliberal agenda while Slick Willie was one of it’s first. How long is it going to take us to figure out their their deregulation agenda never serves anyone or anything other than the interests of their friends in Big Business? You would think we would have figured that out by now… but you know what they say about the definition of insanity, right?

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Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (May 2017)

For the record, it’s not too late to contact the FCC on their website and leave your comment regarding net neutrality. And Oliver’s website still works (, still links you directly to the site. Just hit the “express” button and fill in the blanks. Leave em a nice little comment before they vote next week. I did.

Here’s John’s video from earlier this year.