Disneyland Asks France To Militarize Police To Protect Tourism Profits

from Mint Press News


Arguing that profits this year are significantly lower because of labor strikes and terror attacks, Disneyland and 20 other leading tourist companies have written to the French government and urged them to set up a special, armed police force in the capital.

In a letter issued late September, the tourist firms gathered under the rubric Alliance 46.2 said the measures are necessary because Paris has been the target of two major terror attacks while violent labor strikes have led to social paralysis, and Asian tourists have especially been the victim of crime over the past three years including muggings.

All of these factors, argue Alliance 46.2, have given the city a bad image and as a result the association fears a 4 to 5 percent drop in tourism this year. Because of this, the tourist association, fronted by Disneyland, wants a special force to track down “both criminal gangs and petty crooks who poison the lives of tourists” and even a “special prosecutor” to compliment the armed units.

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Nice Attack: “Whistle-blower” Threatened with Lawsuit, Attack at Weak-point in Security, Potential Motive for FF Event Uncovered

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: By the way… how did the suspect know there would be a weak point in the security at that entrance when he rented the vehicle and picked up his fake grenades and guns? I mean, if the national police were on the scene, just at the end of the run, how did he know that spot would be undefended when he planned this whole thing? Just asking.

(Computer is running smoothly but my chest hurts again so this will be brief. Sorry)

I read an article from Russia Today which seems to answer a few questions for me and opens up a new line of inquiry regarding the Nice Truck attack which took place on July 14th and supposedly claimed the lives of 84 people.

As I have already pointed out, the “journalist” (Richard Gutjahr) who just happened to be on that balcony facing the start of the attack and just happened to be filming the scene with his Iphone, is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer with ties to global management behemoth, McKinsey & Company. This company has well established ties to the CIA and as I pointed out years ago, they also have their fingerprints all of the Malala psyop. This “witness journalist’s” wife, Einat Wilf , is also a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy   which focuses on all things Israel in the heart of our nation’s capital.

It should also be noted that another key “witness” at the scene of the attack is one Eric Drattell. He’s an American living in London and working for Risk Management Solutions Limited. They have a branch that does what they call “terrorism modeling“. Mr. Drattell has been all over the corporate media telling his story to anyone with a camera. Mr. Drattell must feel very comfortable in front of the cameras as he lists this as part of his resume “Responsible for public relations and internal communications, which integrate messaging across media platforms

McKinsey & Company has offices in Paris. Back in 2012, McKinsey & Company was focused on the neoliberal transformation of France in the wake of the banker-conscripted global economic demolition they staged for just such outcomes. To them,it was a wonderful thing. They had been calling for “smaller gubment” in France for years. McKinsey & Company have had senior partners “advising” the French government for years.

Keeping all of that in mind, this new article from RT tells us a great deal about what’s going on in the wake of the Nice attack without intending to do so in my opinion.

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Nice Truck Attack: The Odd Story of Womanizing Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel and His Fake Guns and Grenades

by Scott Creighton

Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel has been identified as the driver of the delivery truck that ran over a bunch of people in Nice, France last night killing 84 and wounding a number of others as it cut a 1.3 mile long path of destruction through tourists celebrating Bastille Day on the French coast.

As various war-mongers and Islamaphobes screech about “ISIS” and shipping Muslims out of the country, some interesting facts about this event and the suspect are being unearthed.

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Nice Truck Attack: Reactionary French State of Emergency Extended, Gladio Success Achieved

by Scott Creighton

Back on Nov. 17, 2015, I wrote about French president Hollande demanding a change to the French constitution which would effectively allow the government to strip anyone of their constitutional rights if they were merely suspected of terrorist ties. He pushed for this following the attacks in Paris that month. Here is how the Huffington Post covered it:

During a rare trip to the Palace of Versailles Monday French President François Hollande called on lawmakers to change France’s constitution in order to better protect the country.

Hollande referred to article 36 of the charter as outdated, and asked that parliament change it to give the government greater power without needing to resort to a state of emergency.

“We are at war, this new kind of war demands a constitution that can manage a state in crisis,” he said.

He announced that he is submitting a proposal to extend the state of emergency by three months and asked parliament to vote on it before the end of the week.

He also suggested enacting a law that would revoke French citizenship from anyone linked to terrorist attacks, however he didn’t elaborate on how this law would be applied. Huffington Post

In May of this year, the French parliament voted to extend the state of emergency by two months. It was scheduled to end on the 26th of July. Now, that’s not going to happen. With the TTIP waiting in the wings and thoughts of a Frexit whispering around the country, the emergency laws provide the French establishment all the tools they need to squash such notions before they become another French Revolution.

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Ataturk Airport Bombing ala Gladio 2.0, Steals Headlines from Benghazi/CIA Commission Report

by Scott Creighton

You can always count on “ISIS™” to strike at the most opportune moment for Western interests. This is a pattern that has been well established in recent “ISIS™” history.

When we started loosing control of our puppet regime in war-torn Libya and the people started rising up to kick our corrupt cronies to the curb, “ISIS™” suddenly showed up and thus we had all the justification we needed to start bombing again.

It works something like this:


When globalist interests wanted Japan to tear-up their peace constitution making way for Obama’s “pivot to Asia”, “ISIS™” decided to make a ridiculous beheading video featuring Hapless Haruna which was so badly Photoshoped, not only did Fox News have to admit it was a fake, but the Japanese people started up a bad Photoshop contest making fun of the “news’ story.

On Dec. 25th, 2014, I entered the contest with this effort. Notice how it pulls “ISIS™” into the all important War on Christmas? Subtle, huh?


I think I should have won but since I’m not Japanese and since I made it with Autocad and not Photoshop, I was disqualified. Racist bastards.

Truth is, there is a VERY long history of “ISIS™” popping up just where they are needed to justify whatever the CIA or the MIC or NATO or Obama wants at the moment. Unless you are brain-dead or a total shill (or coward), you cannot deny it.

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Nuit Debout: Dawn of a Revolution?

by Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, News Junkie Post

Some call it a phenomenon, others compare it to the failed 2011 Occupy movement, but Nuit Debout has taken the largely discredited French political class, from across the bogus standard left to the far right, by surprise. Sociologically, it should not be a surprise at all. The backdrop is a sense of deep social malaise, a ras le bol et envie de redevenir vivant (a spillover and wish to be alive again). France, as a society, has been morose and depressed for decades, and the state of emergency imposed in a cowardly panicky haste by François Hollande’s administration since November 2015 has turned the country into a pressure cooker.

In the two weeks since it started on the night of March 31, 2016 at the Place de La République in Paris’ XI arrondissement, Nuit Debout has rapidly spread to other cities in France such as Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse, etc., as well as to Belgium, Germany, and Spain. It could be the remedy for France’s deep social malaise and the sense of being “hankerchiefs to be used and discarded.” An informed observer can see strong similarities with the Situationist, Anarchist and neo-Marxist groups of May 1968, when France’s last mini-revolution toppled its government. Some are already talking of a 6th Republic, which could be either wishful thinking or the dawn of a new revolution.

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The Brussels Attacks, the New Corporate World Order, Expanding the 5 Eyes and the TTIP

by Scott Creighton

“That has worked in places like the “five eyes” alliance of English-speaking countries, but sharing data with all the other countries in the EU is a far more ambitious goal.” BBC, Jan. 1

Two questions, one answer.

  1. What does a global fascist system like that to be created in the US and the EU via the pending TTIP “free trade” agreement need to remain in power and to thrive in spite of it’s undemocratic, totalitarian and corporatecentric rule?
  2. What has the CIA and State Department built in every single nation they overthrew over the past 60 years in order to install a pro-Western, fascist dictator of their choosing?

The answer to both of those questions is a brutal, over-reaching police state that can and will erase dissidents in the dead of the night who espouse “radicalized” ideas of individual’s “rights, liberties and democracy” being trampled upon by our New Corporate World Order. These kinds of voices have been and will be silenced via midnight raids on homes where unnamed “terrorism suspects” are rounded up and disappeared into the labyrinth of the global Industrial Intelligence Industry for crimes unknown and never specified for reasons of “national security”

The democracy-crushing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with it’s disastrous  Investor-state dispute settlement  apparatus, is quietly worming it’s way through the European Union (EU) on route to being implemented sometime in the end of this year.

It is extremely unpopular, both abroad and here in the States and that is why it wont be finalized until after the US “election” and most likely will be signed by President Peace Prize after another is made ready to take his place and during the lame duck session of congress.

But before that happens, a security system has to be put in place over the whole of the area affected by this agreement: all of the European Union. A security agreement which just happens to include the United States, the other partner of the TTIP.

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