Imagine that: A Peaceful Protest at NATO Summit

by Scott Creighton

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.”

Scott N sent me a link to a 19 minute video of a NATO protest march in Chicago. Want the big news? Nothing happened. No violence. No police brutality. No agent provocateurs. No tear gassing little girls. No false flag attacks. No Alex Jones bullhorns. Just thousands and thousands of people demonstrating. Together.


Huge numbers of people from all walks of life walked calmly down the street to show their desire to see the North Atlantic Treaty Organization disbanded. They were there to say “no” to the G8 and NATO warmongers.

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Chicago Cops Threatened ‘NATO 3’ Long Before Arrest

by Scott Creighton

The three activists who have been arrested and charged with serious terrorism related charges, Bryan Church, Jarred Chase, Brent Betterly, released a video of them being detained and searched on May 9th driving around Chicago. The video they posted shows Chicago police officers threatening them with violence and making the statements “ok, now we’ll beat your white ass“…and …”save it for the protest… we’ll come look for you. each and every one of you

Well, seems like they found ’em.

According to the lawyer for the NATO 3 and information included in the arrest affidavit, undercover cops with the Chicago PD had infiltrated the group of activists and left behind the Molotov cocktails just prior to the raid. Their lawyer claims the three of them had no idea the illegal materials were there.

“We believe these are fabricated charges that are based on police informants and provocateurs,” said Deutsch. “This is a common pattern for people protesting. We know there were two police informants who infiltrated the group and we believe they’re the ones who provoked this and they’re the ones who had the illegal activity and the illegal materials. That’s our understanding.”

“Why would police do such a thing?,” Deutsch was asked in a press gathering in the aftermath of the bail hearing.

His response: “To discredit protesters that come to the city and to make it seem like the police are under attack when people are peacefully protesting.” Inside the courtroom, Deutsch said, “This is just propaganda to create a climate of fear. My clients came to peacefully protest.” Truthout

Below is the video posted May 9th by the NATO 3 prior to their arrest and the interview with their lawyer.

NATO Summit Protest Videos: Police Van Drives Through Crowd and Guns Drawn on Journalists

van drives through crowd injuring one…

Activists pulled over at gunpoint car searched apparently no arrests made

NATO Summit Protests Photos and Videos

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Scott Olsen was there and he threw back 4 of his medals including his “Global War on Terror” medal. You will remember he was the man who stood while others ran as shots rang out in another Occupy protest. He was shot in the head for his bravery by a yet unnamed officer. after all he has been through, over there and over here, he returns to the front lines to stand up for what he believes in. Kudos to Scott Olsen who proves once again the kind of bravery some of our soldiers and vets possess.


Yesterday’s kickoff to the NATO Summit saw violence in the streets and US war veterans tossing their medals onto the street declaring they won them in support of criminal wars of aggression. Below is a compilation of various photos and videos from Sunday’s action. American Everyman supports the protesters and their right to publicly display their frustration with our continued support and partnership with the imperialist institution NATO. Watch Press TV’s video showing the beginning of the NATO Summit inside and how they paid homage to the militarism that the Western NATO countries worship.

This summit is nothing more than propaganda designed to give the American people the false impression that the efforts of these “pirates and thieves” is supported by a near universal global consensus. It is not. NATO is the instrument by which the mergers and acquisitions plunderers gain entrance into nations which are not available to them and have not been made available to them by the manufactured global economic meltdown in the way Greece and Italy were. NATO is playing the role of the “jackal” after the failure of the “economic hit-men”

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