Surpassing ObamaGod: President Trump Killed an 8-year-old Girl in Yemen, Nawar al-Awlaki, an American Citizen.. Or Did He?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on time, as if by script, Trump’s administration has issued a stern warning to Iran for test firing a missile, which they are allowed to do according to the P5+1 agreement. What makes it interesting is they cross-purpose an accusation against the Houthis in Yemen in the same press release saying they attacked a Saudi vessel for no reason. They even produced a nifty handy video, supposedly from the Houthi boat, with them yelling “Allah Akbar” and “Death to America” and “Death to the Jews” and all the other things propaganda producers like to include in their videos which will supposedly make Yemen the villains all of a sudden as opposed to the victims. Gee, they’re so clever, aren’t they? Shades of Umar Fizzlepants right after Obama’s cruise missile attack.

Image: Nawar al-Awlaki

Nawar al-Awlaki killed in Donald Trump’s first covert raid in Yemen

Years ago I and a few others wrote about two Dec. 2009 cruise missile attacks in Yemen which then president Barack Obama ordered and which killed 23 children along with several other civilians (17 of whom were women). It was horrible. It was cruel. And it was ignored across the board by Obama’s apologists in the corporate media and his partisan fan base a.k.a. “the progressives”

At the time we were not officially at war with Yemen and our puppet dictator, Ali Saleh, was still in power. But a revolution was growing and our “national interests” were at risk, so we named the resistance “al Qaeda” and launched cruise missile attacks at two homes and killed 23 kids… all in the name of President Peace Prize.

Three days ago Chuck Schumer pretended to cry for all the little children who would supposedly be turned away from our borders by President Trump. I saw he pretend to shed no tears for those Yemeni children. Such is the state of affairs of the moral center of the unDemocratic Party.

Not to be outdone, The Donald has already unleashed a disaster of a covert operation in Yemen himself which bears remarkable similarities to two of President Peace Prize’s botched military missions.

Or, let us say, a disaster of a covert operation in Yemen has just taken place under his watch. But then again, the military undermined Obama’s and Kerry’s peace deal with Russia and Syria by attacking the Syrian military “by accident’ and then getting their “moderate” terrorists to attack a UN aid convoy… and of course Trump had just shut down entry to those same “moderate” terrorists on Friday… so…?

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