A Little Reminder

REVOLUTION – John Butler Trio

Endless Commercial

by Scott Creighton

I found this over at Kenny’s Sideshow. He’s got a good website. Mixes in music, good music, along with social/political commentary. Music helps. Reminds us we aren’t alone and if it’s good music, music with a soul played by real artists, then it speaks to us in ways writing cannot. Anyway, thought I would leave here for you to enjoy on this Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Kenny for posting it. You can find the lyrics at Kenny’s Sideshow, here.

Have a great Sunday folks and remember, you ain’t alone out there. Far from it actually.



found this over at What they Don’t Tell You


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Drat. 7 pm Eastern and No Rapture

… and I feel fine.

For those of you who might be a little upset that the world didn’t end today, cheer up. Hillary is doing her best.

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