Munich Shooting: So Many Odd Facts Surrounding New Mass Casualty Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey look. Here’s another odd part of the story:


It took 3,200 security personnel 2 1/2 hours to find the suspect’s body? I wonder if they are going to destroy those CCTV videos like they are doing in Nice France.

Thanks to all the readers who have left comments and links regarding this event.

This is going to be a quickie. My computer is dying, gasping it’s last blue screens of death as I try to research this event. I will be headed out in a little while to see if I can’t scrounge up another one. Cross your fingers.

The Munich Shooting Mass Casualty Event looks suspiciously like so many others in the recent past it’s hardly worth mentioning but let me list a few of the similarities right off the bat:

  1. no clear motive
  2. shooter takes his own life somewhere in private
  3. convenient dramatic cell phone video
  4. multiple shooters reported by witnesses becomes “lone nut gunman”

There is an unsourced video out there reportedly showing the “lone nut gunman” shooting folks outside a McDonald’s on the street.

It was posted to Twitter the same day of the shooting by this guy, uprising@johndeconner  who apparently ignored a request from a CNN producer asking him to let him know exactly where he got the video.

uprising@johndeconner  is an account that follows a total of 6 people and was created in Dec. of 2015. It had no Tweets from then until July 6th. It is definitely some kind of bot or propaganda account. To my knowledge, the original source of the cell phone video of the shooting is still a mystery.

A reporter from Munich who describes the scene as looking like “something out of a bad action movie” just happens to be the same guy who just happened to be filming off his balcony when the truck drove by in Nice a couple weeks ago.

His name is Richard Gutjahr. He’s a reporter wonder-kid celebrity from Germany who also happens to have a Youtube video showing people how to use their Iphone to shoot videos off their balconies. I’m not kidding.

Aside from being in both places at the just the right time, this guy is married to a rather interesting woman.

Her name is Einat Wilf and she is a self-described “atheist Zionist” who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party.

“I am a Zionist because I am an atheist and a Jew. Zionism has allowed someone like me to preserve my faith in the sovereignty of human beings over their fate, while maintaining a deep and continuous commitment to the Jewish people and its future.” Einat Wilf

Being a Jew and being a Zionist is not what makes her association with this guy who ends up as Johny on the Spot in these two latest mass casualty events.

What makes her association with this event suspicious is her other associations… and the fact that the suspect is being linked to … wait for it… WAIT FOR IT… Iran.

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