Trump and the Sunsetting of the Age of Multilateralism

by Scott Creighton

image from The Hindu Dec. 2017

What is happening to the “immutable bylaws of business” as described by Ned Beaty in that famous scene from Network? Are they under attack from within, collapsing under the weight of the logical fallacy of “lets run government like a business” or… is it something else that is troubling the grand plan of the New World Order?

Because, let’s face it… corporatism is the New World Order all of these neoliberals have been working toward for the better part of 60 years. And right now one pillar of the new Corporatist World Order is a little less stable than it was just a few years ago. Why is that? Is it due to a growing backlash from the world population left out of the spoils of neoliberal globalization or is it the beginning of something else? Something perhaps even worse?

And how does President Trump fit into it? Is he a catalyst or the accidental tourist president? Is he leading the global movement against those who see the world as nothing more than a “college of corporations” or it’s reluctant byproduct simply biding his time until he can undermine the growing momentum for “CHANGE” from within like his predecessor did for 8 long years?

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