While Cutting Public Services in America, The Duke of Orange Just Spent $16 million to Kill 36 “ISIS” Guys… in a PR Move

by Scott Creighton

We have no business in Afghanistan. We don’t. Big Oil does. And Big Pharma does. Where do you think the next pipeline is going? Where do you think Big Pharma gets all that opium to make the opiates to sell mid-Western kids to keep em hooked?

But you and I? We have no interests in Afghanistan and yet, just yesterday, the Duke of Orange dropped the MOAB bomb on a remote area in the country and supposedly killed 36 “ISIS” guys for God, Country, Apple Pie and the American Way.

The bomb itself costs $16 million dollars. For one bomb.

With a yield of 36 dead “ISIS” guys (and by “ISIS” they mean “anyone who opposes our national interests anywhere in the world“) that comes to…

$444,444.00 per “ISIS” guy.

Cost effective for Mr. Big Business DemiGod Trump?

Let’s add that cost to the $89,000,000 he spent on putting a divot in an airport runway in Syria late last week.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but so far we are in the hole for over $100 mil so the Duke of Orange can look “presidential” by bombing the shit out of countries we have no business in. Either that or the Deep State that took over the White House this past week throwing money at the little problem of their democracy hacking coming to light.

However you look at it, it’s gonna get REAL expensive to beat “ISIS” like this.