Report Shows Miriam Carey Shot 5 Times in the Back – Her Death Ruled “Homicide”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Miriam Carey’s autopsy report – shot 5 times. Suffered multiple abrasions and contusions.

UPDATE: See detailed information at the end of this article that explains why Al Sharpton has remained deathly silent on this particular civil rights case.


One of the most shocking and depressing stories that I have covered since I started this website has gotten worse. Much worse.

Miriam Carey’s autopsy report is out and it would appear that our initial reports (conspiracy theorist leaning as they were) were completely correct.

Miriam Carey was murdered in cold blood.

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Requiem for the Dream of Justice: The Miriam Carey Story Fades to Black

by Scott Creighton

I offer up this last effort on the tragic story of the late Miriam Carey in the hopes that someday little Erica will come to understand that not all the peoples of this nation dismiss her terrible loss so easily and so heartlessly as those paid to do so, like Mr. Ross, would have her believe. The real story of Miriam Carey’s murder must be told and remembered in order to provide a Erica with a better understanding of how and why she lost the one thing in a child’s life that can never be replaced.


Miriam Carey will likely remain in her grave unavenged, slandered and marginalized in perpetuity.  There will never be any justice dispensed to those responsible for her brutal murder on the streets of D.C. in broad daylight at the hands of Obama’s Secret Service.

Anyone who dares raise questions about the unbelievable circumstances of this young mother’s brutal death will be routinely and viciously  marginalized via the standard slew of various time-tested insulting labels attached to their names, starting with but not limited to that of the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” made ever so popular by complicit “journalists” upon the deaths of presidents and civil rights leaders of the past.

Case in point today, the young intrepid Micheal Ross, a “journalist” (as the profession is described these days) working for the, a company owned by billionaire globalist and  board member of the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, Philip Anschutz (the money behind various globalist agenda backing films such as the 2010 pro-charter school film, Waiting for Superman. and the 2012 pro-parent trigger film, Won’t Back Down.)

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Rev. Manning and Family of Slain Miriam Carey, Call for Paternity Test of Erica Carey

by Scott Creighton

Rev. Manning is openly calling for a paternity test to determine if Eric Francis is actually the father of the child Miriam Carey took to D.C. on the fateful day she was executed. That day she took little Erica to the White House on the anniversary of the president’s wedding.

“And suddenly it occurred to me… the kid isn’t a side-note to the story… the kid is the story.” Oct. 4, 2013 Scott Creighton

As I have stated from the very beginning, I think the child in the back of that car wasn’t just there by happenstance. You don’t take a 14 month old infant on a 270 road trip for nothing.

The child, Erica, is the point of all of this and we as a community have to back Rev. Manning’s and the family’s efforts at getting to the bottom of this horrendous crime.

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Forget Comparing Renisha to Trayvon. How Do the Stories of Renisha McBride and Miriam Carey Stack Up?

by Scott Creighton (H/T Lilaleo)

What is the stunning similarity between the Renisha McBride story and that of Miriam Carey? What justifies prosecution in the former and complete silence in the latter? You might be surprised just how obvious this hypocrisy is. And no, it’s not about race.

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Lawyer files for custody of Miriam Carey’s daughter… is arrested for “debts”… the very next business day

by Scott Creighton (H/T Lilaleo)

Miriam Carey’s sister Valarie attempted to get custody of her niece, little Erica Carey, last week. She had been represented by Eric Sanders when their court effort failed with the judge not really explaining why he ruled they couldn’t have custody.

Eric told the press afterward “this isn’t over yet“. That was Friday the 12th of this month.

One business day later  (Monday was Oct. 14th, Columbus Day, a national federal holiday) on Tuesday, a judge ordered the arrest of Eric Sanders.

That is literally the next day the federal employees were at work.


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Miriam Carey’s Sister Denied Custody of Erica

by Scott Creighton (H/T austrogirl)

The other day I did a bunch of research on Mr. Eric Francis of Hartford, Ct. He is or was the 55 year old boyfriend of 34 year old Miriam Carey, the woman who supposedly made a u-turn at the White House and was gunned down in the street 20 minutes later because of it (no video of said u-turn at the security gate has yet to be released)

Mr. Francis is a businessman in the community up there. He is a director of something called the West Indian Social Club in Hartford. Apparently there is a thriving Caribbean community up there. Seems like there’s at least one shooting at the club per year though.

He also seems to own a bar or restaurant across the street from the club and a commercial kitchen supply company, which apparently Miriam worked for briefly.

And one more thing… they’ve held multiple Obama supporting events at his venue over the past 5 years or so. He’s a big Obama supporter I guess.

Anyway, during my research I started looking into Miriam’s sister as well. Her name is Valarie Carey.

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Police Report: Miriam Carey Hit Bike Rack While Trying to LEAVE White House Grounds

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In an unrelated story, remember that gang of bikers who attacked a family in their Range Rover in New York 9 days ago? As some of you may know, an undercover NY cop, Detective Wojciech Braszczok,  was riding with the gang on his bike. He claimed he didn’t take part in the assault on the family and gone prior to the driver being pulled from the car. That was his report to his superiors. Turns out that was a lie.

Another video surfaced in which the undercover cop can be seen busting the rear window out of the family’s car with a 2 year old girl cowering in the back seat… and then getting on his bike and leaving as gang members dragged the driver out and started beating him.  Not only did he do nothing to help the victims in this case, he helped incite the violence by physically attacking the SUV. I make mention of this because he lied, straight out, on his initial report. He lied to protect himself and he continued to lie about the incident until proof surfaced and he had to come clean. Braszczok was reportedly formerly an agent provocateur during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

““Once the beating starts, you can see him hop on the bike and take off,” the source continued. “So he’s not involved in the assault, but he lied. He wasn’t truthful.” Daily News


Court documents in the Miriam Carey shooting case are now out for the public to view. The Washington Post published a set of them.

While much is being made of her having a passport and a little bag of foreign coins in her Infinity lock-box, few are talking about the particulars of what started this tragic series of events which ended with Miriam dying and Erica losing her mother.

It would appear she was leaving the White House grounds when they attempted to stop her.

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