Fake “Million” Vet March as Crisis Theater

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Of course Di$info Jone$ , Blacklisted News , and What Really Happened (via 12160 link) presents this bullshit as real oppression.

UPDATE: Turns out the videos may have been made by Dennis M. Lynch, an Examiner “reporter” who does a lot of work for Fox News.


You gotta see this.

Two videos give you a good understanding of what yesterday’s Crisis Theater production was all about.

Someone had thirteen bike cops with their little bike helmets and blue windbreakers waddle up to the “protesters” who were standing around waiting for them to show up outside the fence at the White House.

The fake protesters right on cue start screeching about “oppression” and “brown-shirts” as the gaggle of bike cops with no riot gear take their position inside the group of vets so they can be pushed and shoved and screeched at for “liberty”

It is one of the most poorly executed and obviously fake Crisis Theater moments ever recorded by a PR lackey that I have seen. It’s fucking silly, especially while they are screaming about being oppressed while actually oppressing the poor stupid little bike cops.

What a joke. The marketing intern who staged this little display should be relegated to coffee boy for the next year or so.

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“Million” Vets March Toward Privatizing Landmarks and Memorials

by Scott Creighton

When Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Mike Lee showed up and spoke with the vets at their “million vets march” yesterday, I understood what this “revolution” was all about.

Having Cruz, of all people, speak at the event made it perfectly clear. Cruz is credited with forming the republican position on the standoff, which is simply more “Crisis Theater” to push for brutal austerity and savage sequestration measures which will further the One Party’s neoliberal fiscal agenda.

The government “shutdown” properly should be called “the Cruz Crisis.” This indeed is a crisis in the Chinese nuanced sense.

The Chinese character, weiji, usually is translated “dangerous opportunity.” Actually it means “precarious pivot point.”  That describes perfectly where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) stands… and has pushed the Republican Party.  Ted Cruz has made himself the point man for the whole, melodramatic, government “shutdown.”FORBES 10/14/2013

Yes, that is the right-wing Forbes saying that Cruz is the one person most responsible for the parks and memorials being shut down, not some ThinkProgress Obamaite water-carrying rag. And yes, it is their “dangerous opportunity” to push for more neoliberalization in America.

The fact that Cruz wasn’t chased down and tarred and feathered by those people tells me exactly what this is: time to privatize the national landmarks.

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