Bigfoot Loves Balloons – A Review of Mike Palecek’s “Camp America”

by Scott Creighton

We all have our little distractions; some more useful than others, some more dangerous than most.

At the urging of a friend, I recently read Mike Palecek’s Nov. 2010 novel “Camp America” which is described on his website as a modern retelling of Orwell’s 1984. The casual reader may take exception to that comparison as that Orwell’s dystopia was a far darker and better defined vision of the hell that is to come. Orwell dealt with not only the mechanisms of the fascist/collectivist state but also with the long term results they have on the human condition; on the degradation of the spirit of man.

Palecek deals with a more specific point in the progression of tyranny, that moment in history when the truer nature of collective repression shows itself for what it really is. He does so in a humorous and deceptively lighthearted manner which in some ways makes his novel more accessible and therefore even more troubling that Orwell’s vision.

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