Put 2 and 2 Together:Cheney’s “Secret Program” was the CIA “Hit-Squad”, and 13 Doctors Swear Dr. Kelly’s Death Was Not a Suicide

by Scott Creighton

It is being reported that Cheney’s recently revealed secret CIA program was indeed his “assassination squad”, but that they were to be targeting “top al Qaeda operatives” overseas.

Well, they were going overseas (some of the time), but they weren’t going after al Qaeda. That much we should all know by now. Which just begs the questions: Who was Cheney planning to kill? and How many times was he successful? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Michael Connell and Juan Mouriño; What do They Have in Common

by Scott Creighton

So little info out there on the Mike Connell story from the MSM. Like that is a surprise. Brad blog and few others are working on the story.  But when I first heard the story, I immediately thought of another story from south of the border that also didn’t get much press.

1.    Mike Connell was a republican (conservative) who helped Bush get elected in 2004 and was under investigation of election fraud.

Juan Camilo Mouriño was a PAN politician in Mexico (conservative) who helped President Felipe Calderón get elected and was currently involved with fighting the “War on Drugs” in Mexico. He was also under investigation for suspicious government contracts.

“Mr Mourino had come under recent pressure over allegations he had acted improperly by signing government contracts on behalf of his family’s car fuel business while in office.”


2.  Mike Connell died Dec. 19th 2008, when his small plane mysteriously crashed on approach at the Akron-Canton Airport.

“Prominent GOP consultant dies in fiery explosion near airport”

Juan Mouriño died Nov. 4th 2008, when his small plane mysteriously crashed on approach at the Mexico City airport.

“The ministry plane – a Learjet – burst into flames as it came down during rush-hour…”

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