Lyin Joe Biggs of Di$info’s InfoWars Tells the BIG LIE: Russia Nuked Ukraine!

by Scott Creighton

I don’t know what it’s called; I only know the sound it makes when it *lies*!” Cody

Lyin Joe Biggs is not one to back down from a LIE, even when it’s proven it is a LIE. He just presses on with still more LIES looking to set up the BIG LIE. In this case, the BIG LIE from Joe BIGGS is all about helping Obama and the globalists press for more war in Ukraine on behalf of Shell, the IMF and Chevron by creating hysteria regarding Russia and WWIII (ooooo scary! sounds like Dec. 31, 1999 all over again, don’t it?)

Lyin Joe Biggs proved he’ll never back down from a LIE when he first jumped onto the Di$info Jone$ scene LYING about emails from Michael Hastings and then LYING about him driving like a grandmother and then him LYING about the body being cremated without the consent of the family and then him LYING about cops looking under Michael’s car just before the idiot got high and drunk and crashed one day at 4:30am in the morning after being recorded speeding through two different stoplights.

Lying Joe’s been LYIN ever since. And today, he’s outdone himself.

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Coroner, family link Michael Hastings to drug use at time of death

(from reading the coroner’s report we find his brother (sister?) told them he and another brother had come into LA to try to get Michael back into detox. He told the coroner that he knew of Michael using “medical marijuana” (prescribed for PTSD from his time as an embedded journalist?) and DMT which is an extremely powerful hallucinogenic drug. Bottles of alcohol were found in the grass along with debris from his car. The brother (?) also told coroner that Michael had slammed into a pole several years ago, high on Ritalin. He told them he wouldn’t be surprised if he found a stimulant like cocaine in Michael’s system as well. He (?) was the one who told them he saw Michael passed out at 12:30 – 1:00 am earlier. Traces of meth and pot were found in his system, meth having been used most recently. Now we know why he was driving the way he was and why he was out so late. Would also explain why his reaction time was affected.)

from LA Times

Journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a fiery Los Angeles crash in June, died of “traumatic injuries” as a result of the accident and had traces of drugs in his system, Los Angeles coroner’s officials said Tuesday.

Hastings, 33, died June 18 in a single-vehicle accident. His car burst into flames and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Coroner’s officials said Hastings had traces of amphetamine in his system, consistent with possible intake of methamphetamine many hours before death,  as well as marijuana. Neither were considered a factor in the crash, according to toxicology reports.

DOCUMENT: Read the autopsy report

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More BS From Joe Biggs on Hastings

by Scott Creighton

I don’t care what side of this debate you come down on, this Joe Biggs guy is  using Michael’s death to keep his name in the papers and his face on the TV.

Now he’s quoting “anonymous emails” to imply that some LA cop was looking under Michael’s car just before the accident (the way he phrased it, it could mean that the cop was looking under the car or that Mike was. Same little trick Biggs used when talking about the family and the cremation meaning he’ll come back later and claim he didn’t say it)

Someone should tell Biggs he’s had his 15 minutes and to STFU. For that matter, someone should tell RT to stop putting him on TV.

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Hastings Crash Video Should End Distraction Once and For All

by Scott Creighton

Can we put this to bed now?

The video below (one of two) is from a local pizza shop right on the same block where Michael Hastings wrecked. It shows (as I reported on July 15th) Michael driving by the shop’s front security camera at an excessive rate of speed, hitting the dip in the road which caused his car to bottom out, and he over-corrected and hit a tree in the median.

If go back and simply look at the timing of it and the players who first started the various rumors which kicked off the “assignation conspiracy”, it becomes very obvious that someone used the death of this young reporter to suit their needs.

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Video Supposedly Shows Michael Hastings Speeding, Losing Control of his Car and Crashing into a Tree

by Scott Creighton

In short, no bomb. He hit a hump on Highland doing in excess of 80 MPH at 4:30 in the morning, lost control of his car and hit an object that had absolutely no give in it… a tree. All this from a new video that has apparently surfaced which the police have seen from a security camera at a pizza restaurant.The video shows the last few seconds of Michael Hastings’ life which apparently ended tragically like so many do unfortunately but that’s it. No big mystery. No conspiracy to whack a journalist. No remote control cars or bombs in the back seat.

The author of this article claims he drove over that little hump himself at regular speed and the car lifted up slightly. At 80+ MPH, it would have been enough to have cause Michael to overreact and his car crashed. Notice what the former military policeman says which makes this case so suspicious for him: “He’s sending out emails saying he’s being watched”… there is still no confirmation of that from anyone except the soldier who made the claim that for reasons unknown, Michael Hastings included him in a email chain to other journalists. The soldier is a mechanic who knew Michael briefly while Mike was doing the Gen Betrayus piece. Hastings’ paper has also reported that Michael wasn’t working on some big CIA story as was claimed earlier. This whole thing has been a distraction. Wilileaks got in on it as did a few others, but the reality is, the guy was driving way too fast, early in the morning, speeding through red lights and he lost control and hit a tree.

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OMG! I Was Wrong! I Got an Email From Michael Hastings as Well! This Proves it!

real email michael hastings



(and in case you don’t understand… it’s sarcasm)

The Michael Hastings Lesson – Speeding Through Blind Stoplights at 4 Am is Bad