The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End, Gets Worse

by Scott Creighton

A reader, TyrannyNews, left a comment this morning reminding us of the developing case of the very odd story of the end of Thomas Brinkley which prompted me to take another look at the story and where it has gone since I covered it here not all that long ago.


There have been considerable developments including the release of the University of Florida’s police report, the naming of the stabbing victim, a video of first responders attending to that victim where no blood can be seen, statements from Michael’s mother which put him leaving her home half-an-hour before the attack an hour away from the scene of the crime… and a video of one of the most polite car chases I have ever seen especially considering the fact that the perp was supposed to have been laughing and stabbing people in the neck… on  a college campus… just a little while before the chase.

Let’s take another look at this, shall we? This story stinks to high heaven. It has from the start. And today, it’s going to get a bit more odd.

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The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End

by Scott Creighton (H/T Observer)

It’s not everyday that a reader of this website and frequent commenter gets shot and killed by police under what can only be described as highly unusual circumstances. Be that as it may, it has happened and I am compelled to give you whatever insight I can offer as the story unfolds.

“Thomas Brinkley” or Michael Cravey, was shot and killed by police in Florida yesterday. He had made a name for himself in the alternative community by basically latching onto other people’s research and claiming it as his own. Then he would toss the old turd in the punchbowl and do his best to make legitimate questions and evidence look ridiculous.

After his popularity had dropped to next to nothing, his influence completely gone, he supposedly goes on a one victim stabbing spree for no reason and ends up getting shot by police some 3 hours later as he was apparently going shopping at a local store.

Is “Thomas Brinkley” going to become the poster child for shutting down dissident “conspiracy theory” websites like mine for having “radicalized” him to the brink of madness? Is that to be Micheal’s final contribution to the dissident community?

A little background info in the interests of full disclosure:

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