Egyptair Flight MS804: Fake Fireball Video Used to Discredit Eyewitness Reports

by Scott Creighton

Early into the investigation of what happened 33 hours ago to Egyptair Flight MS804, reports came out from a variety of sources that folks saw something burning in the skies above the Mediterranean Sea right about the time the commercial flight went off the radar with 66 people on board.

The most prominent of these stories came from the captain of a merchant ship. But there were others.

“The AFP news agency reports confirmation from a Greek aviation source that the EgyptAir plane crashed off the island of Karpathos. The captain of a merchant ship in the area had reported seeing a ‘flame’ in the sky and marine traffic monitors showed civilian vessels joining a search in the area.” Guardian

This eyewitness testimony seems to fit the current prescribed narrative from the complicit media that either it was an act of terrorism that brought down the plane or a catastrophic mechanical failure of some kind. It also just happens to fit with my personal theory that the plane was brought down by accident during the ongoing naval drills taking place in that very part of the Mediterranean Sea, Phoenix Express 2016.

However, slowly but surely this eyewitness testimony (like the eyewitness testimony involved with the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 downing and the TWA Flight 800 tragedy) has been scrubbed from the news cycle completely.

“A recent Flight MH370 news report from The Daily Mail indicated a certain Mike McKay who stands by his claims that he had seen first-hand the “burning wreckage” of the airline crashing into the South China Sea, last year.

“Almost a year has passed, but I stand by what I saw,” the 57-year-old said. “I’ve thought about it and thought about it, over and over and while I cannot say for certain that the burning object in the sky was definitely MH370, the timing fits in with when the Malaysian plane lost contact.”

McKay went on to say that he emailed authorities about what he saw. The action resulted him getting fired from the Songa Mercur oil rig that he had worked at for 30 years. Christian Post

We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color. Once it went into flames I knew that it wasn’t a flare.”
Lou Desyron, Flight 800 eye-witness; ABC World News Sunday; 07/21/96.

The reason the media gives for discrediting these new eyewitness’s testimony, and I heard this yesterday, was that what so many people reported seeing was actually a Russian satellite burning as it re-entered earth’s atmosphere, and not Flight MS804 burning as it crashed. I heard that several times yesterday on CNN and MSNBC.

Then I heard, later last night, the talking heads and various “experts” saying they didn’t think the plane broke up in the sky because “no one in the area saw it burning”

Wow. Talk about spin. Obviously, there is a major logical fallacy at play here.

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EgyptAir Flight MS804: Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises May 17 – 27

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises

804 map 2

UPDATE: The naval drills were taking place between Greece and territorial waters of “North African nations”

“This year’s exercise control group will be hosted at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center (NMIOTC) located in Souda Bay, Greece, but training will take place throughout the Mediterranean to include North African nations’ territorial waters.”

UPDATE: Greek authorities say the plane made sudden swerving movements just before it disappeared (as if they were trying to avoid something)

EgyptAir Flight MS804 on route from Paris to Cairo, disappeared off radar over the Mediterranean Sea early this morning at a cruising altitude of 37,000. It had just passed through Greek airspace and was in Egyptian airspace for 3 minutes before it vanished from radar. Weather conditions were clear. Sixty-six people were on board. 56 passengers and 10 crew members.

The captain of a merchant vessel reported seeing something burning in the sky at that location.

“The AFP news agency reports confirmation from a Greek aviation source that the EgyptAir plane crashed off the island of Karpathos. The captain of a merchant ship in the area had reported seeing a ‘flame’ in the sky and marine traffic monitors showed civilian vessels joining a search in the area.” Guardian

The area where the plane disappeared is heavily traveled by both air and sea traffic. Greek officials are investigating the reports from the Greek merchant vessel that said the explosion “lit up the sky”

I cannot but help to remember the two guided missile destroyers conducting drills in the South China Sea when Flight 370 was seen “burning in the sky” or the Israeli air combat drills taking place when Metrojet Flight 9268 blew up midair. I guess that’s because there are naval drills (Phoenix Express 2016) taking place in the Med. Sea from May 17 -27 and of course, they include guided missile destroyers.

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Behold! The ISIS™ Schweppes Bomb of Doom!

by Scott Creighton

This is getting laughable. Ridiculous even. Stupid to the point of brain death. Moronic to the point of forgetting to breathe.

First of all, ISIS™ has a nice, slick magazine full of all sorts of colorful images, ads and advice to the up-and-coming young professional terrorists out there. It’s called Dabiq and on the cover of this months publication it says ‘JUST TERROR”… in English of course.


Really? “Just terror”? Really? How about “Got Terror?”? Or “Terror. Just Do It!”? “Just terror”? I hope some mall store sues them.

Ok. Moving on.

In this month’s edition, the publishers at Dabiq have published an article in which they explain how they blew up Metrojet Flight 9268. They say at first they planned on targeting one of the NATO “coalition of the willing” members, but for some unknown reason, decided to shift gears and blow up a Russian jet instead. That is a nice touch. Brings it back home to the Western audiences I suppose.

“After resolving to bring down a plane belonging to a nation in the American-led Western coalition against ISIS, the target was changed to a Russian plane”.

No explanation as too why they changed targets is offered.

They claim they did it with this: the Schweppes Bomb of Doom.

Yes, that is a metal can with a metal detonator and a toggle switch made of metal components. ISIS™ says they “smuggled it onto the plane”

This is what we are scared of? This is what we are at war with? We have to spend trillions of dollars fighting this? Are you kidding? It’s a can from recycle bin in the green-room at some photography studio. Is this a joke?

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke or at least, the MSM isn’t taking it as one. They are all over this “breaking news” from this credible source, ISIS™

(I wonder how many dimwits are out there pouring their Ginger Ale down the drain right now. I’m guessing a lot.)

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FSB Head Claims “Homemade” Bomb Brought Down Metrojet Flight 9268 – Offers 50 Million Dollar Reward

by Scott Creighton

Russian FSB head Alexander Bortnikov has suddenly announced their ongoing investigation into the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 shows a “home-made” bomb equipped with high explosives from somewhere “other than Russia” brought down the plane in what he describes as a terrorist act. They’ve offered $50 million US as a reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

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Flight 9268: Release of Explosive Residue Tests in Two Weeks. Has Russia Cut a Deal with the Guilty Parties?

by Scott Creighton

As Saudi Arabia and other Arab League states are seemingly pulling out of the regime change project in Syria and the US is flying fewer and fewer “humanitarian bombing missions” in the country, I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some kind of deal being worked out in the backrooms of the global power structure regarding the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268, Russia and their investigation.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have shifted most of their aircraft to their fight against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Jordan, reacting to the grisly execution of one of its pilots by the Islamic State, and in a show of solidarity with the Saudis, has also diverted combat flights to Yemen. Jets from Bahrain last struck targets in Syria in February, coalition officials said. Qatar is flying patrols over Syria, but its role has been modest.” New York Times

Canada is backing out of Obama’s “coalition of the willing” and the other NATO partners, France and Australia, seem to as well. I guess no one wants to poke a stick in the Russian bear’s eye and having their fighters flying in such close proximity to them seems like a bad idea.

Either that or they’re just not that into the Greater Kurdistan project like our oligarchs and the Israelis seem to be.

So what is really going on here?

With Russia dragging their feet on these tests and several coalition partners getting cold feet all of a sudden, is there a back-room deal being made? Is the endgame of the Grand Chessboard playing out right before our eyes while we have no idea what it is? I mean, that’s how the game is played, right?

Guess we will find out in the next two weeks.

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Metrojet Flight 9268 UPDATES: Fake Beards “Chatter”, Global TSA and Russia’s Real Investigation

by Scott Creighton

Watching CNN milk the cash-cow that is the story of the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 is torture. They have been all over the spectrum when it comes to this event, first saying it definitely wasn’t a bomb of any kind, then saying the tail section fell off due to a bump it took back in 2001 and now they are saying it’s certainly the work of some “ISIS” affiliate working in the airport in Egypt.

They’re just dancing around like puppets on a string, right?

Be that as it may, there have been a few news worthy developments in the story as the investigation continues.

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Metrojet Flight 9268: Voice Recorder “Damaged” and Yet Another Downing Street Memo Just For Fun

by Scott Creighton

Between the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, the only one that could have proven an air-to-air missile hit Metrojet Flight 9268 would be the cockpit voice recorder. Obviously, that’s because in the last seconds of the flight, the pilot or the co-pilot may have seen it approaching.

And now we are being told the cockpit voice recorder was damaged in the crash.

You will recall, the same thing happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight Mh-17. That voice recorder was also damaged. In fact, it was pried open and the data disks removed. At first they said they were ‘stolen” but then they found them hiding under a rock.

Today’s news about flight 9268’s recorder is eerily all too familiar.

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