Marilou Danley is Pulling a Marina Oswald on Us

by Scott Creighton

When Marina Nikolayevna Oswald was taken into custody for “questioning” she didn’t believe her husband had anything to do with the assassination of John Kennedy. She was held for months by federal authorities and later kept in “protective” custody by the Secret Service while the Warren Commission did their thing. By then she was saying Lee wanted to kill everyone INCLUDING Nixon and some random general he didn’t like. In the end she testified she thought her husband was guilty. And after that, she was allowed to go on with her life.

After the Boston Bombing Ibragim Todashev was picked up by the FBI and “questioned” in Orlando. He ended up being shot in the back of the head from someone standing behind and above him. The feds said he grabbed a gun, then they said it was a sword, then they said it was a broom. They wanted him too say he thought his friend Tamerlan Tsarnaev was guilty as well. I guess the interview didn’t go so well.

It’s no wonder the FBI never records interviews… or at least they SAY they don’t.

Today Marilou Danley is in custody and it appears she has chosen option 1 over option done.

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